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Saturday, February 1, 2014


Have you guys ever been into Forever 21 and noticed that they have their own line of nail polish? I have only been in Forever 21 a few times (mainly because I have never lived by one) and I had no idea they had nail polishes.

Of course that was the only thing that REALLY caught my eye in the whole store (the store is so big that I get overwhelmed and have a hard time going through all of the clothes lol). I was hesitant to buy any because I have never seen anything about them, so I wasn't sure if they were any good or not…but while I was in the store looking through all of the colors I decided to Google them and I found (only) one review that mentioned that they were pretty good, so I decided to go for it. I bought 3 box sets that were about $8-9, with 5-6 polishes each. And I figured I would review them so that anyone else wondering if they are any good could have pictures and a review :)

So if you're looking to buy Forever 21 polishes I hope you find this helpful! (This is a long post with a ton of pictures, so if you want/need a quick answer scroll to the very bottom).

Btw, none of these polishes have names, except this first one, so I will just be naming them by their colors.

Lime/Gold- I was immediately drawn to this fun polish the second I saw it! It's a yellow-green polish with 2 different size green hex glitters, medium sized yellow glitters and small blue hex glitters. It applied very evenly and was actually fun to apply…meaning I didn't really have to place the glitters like  I do with most other glitter polishes.
2-3 coats

These polishes came in cute boxes but unfortunately, due to packing for a plane ride, I was not able to keep the boxes. Each box had a tutorial for a nail design using the colors in the box, they were really cute!

This is the box this set came in…the Pictorial on the back was for a DIY Floral design.

Nude- This color is actually a really, really light pink…but looks Nude when applied. 
3 coats for full coverage.

Light Pink Sparkle- This is a very sheer shimmer pink with rainbow glitter. It's a very pretty polish. It looks great over any of the other colors (no picture shown). 
2-3 coats

Coral Pink- You can't tell from the pictures, but this color has a hint of shimmer that is really pretty! It's one of my favorites out of all of the colors I bought.
2-3 coats (Could get away with 2, shown with 3).

Hot Pink- This also has a little bit of shimmer to it, and the true color is hot pink but my camera has a hard time taking pictures of pink and red polishes.
2-3 coats

Red- This color is actually more of a really, really dark pink, but it's so close to red that I'm just going with red :P I really like how this one applies. It applies very evenly, as opposed to some of the other ones that apply kind of streaky on the first coat.
2 coats

Pictorial was for Leopard Print…do you see the pattern?? :P

Light Grey- This is one of my favorite colors. Although it applies kind of streaky on the first coat, and a little on the 2nd, it's completely opaque by the third. I think the reason it's streaky is because of the brush. Most of the brushes are great but I noticed a few were shaped funny…scroll down for a pic of my black polish brush. 
3-4 coats

Silver- This color reminds me of one I have by Revlon called Silver Dollar. This is not my favorite, but I don't like silver polishes very much anyway.
2-3 coats

Dark Grey- I LOVE this color! It is the most opaque of all of the polishes. I think this one might do really well with stamping :) I'll have to try it though…it was a little bit streaky on the first coat but if you have enough polish on the brush you could get away with one coat.
1-2 coats

Black- I first tried a few of these polishes when I was in Texas because my mom liked the colors. This was one of the ones I tried out and it made me very nervous about buying so many polishes at first because the first coat was very thin and streaky. I thought I'd have to apply 4-5 coats to get it opaque (so I thought maybe they'd all be that way), but by the 2nd coat it was completely opaque…and the reason this one is so streaky is because of the brush (see 3 photos down). I'm going to have to cut it.
2 coats

Silver Glitter- This combination is my absolute favorite! I think it would be fun to wear to parties or on New Years :) It's a gorgeous silver and rainbow glitter.
1 coat over 2 coats Black.

If you look at the brush you can tell it's shaped weird. Not all of the brushes are that way…I think 2 of mine came like this, so unfortunately I will have to cut this one to make the bristles even…which is disappointing and kind of weird (in my opinion) but not a big deal.

I don't remember what the Pictorial was on this box, but I liked the colors. (Horrible pic, I apologize.) This one also came with a top coat which works pretty well but doesn't dry fast…obviously I don't know how long it stays on because I didn't wear any of these colors more than about 5 min.

Sheer Pink- This would be the perfect pink for a basic French Manicure…I kind of want to try it sometime just to see how it would look ;)
3-4 coats

Silver- I honestly can't tell you the difference between this silver and the previous one, but for some reason (and I can't even tell you why) I like this one better. It applied better, maybe that's why…idk lol.
1 coat is pretty opaque (Shown with 2).


Here they are side by side, so I guess there is a little bit of a difference, but not much.

Silver Sparkles- Again I'm not sure what the difference is between this Sparkle and the previous one. When I compared the bottles they look pretty much exactly the same.
1 coat over Silver.

Small Pink Glitter- This is very similar to the Silver Glitter polishes except it's pink with rainbow glitter. I really like this one, I just wish that I had put it over a different color. Putting it over a similar color doesn't show of the pink glitter at all.
2 coats over Hot Pink.

Large Pink Glitter- Like the previous glitter I wish I had put this over a different color, but I really like this one. It has 2 different sizes of pink hex glitters.
2 coats over Hot Pink.

Black Glitter- I fell in love with this one when I first saw it, but honestly I'm disappointed in this glitter. I think I would like it better if it had small black glitters. It has black, silver and gun metal grey hex glitters, and it is very pretty, but I don't love it as much as I thought I would. It may end up being more of a display polish for me :P
3-4 coats over Silver.

Overall, I am very impressed with these polishes (the 2nd set is probably my favorite of the 3!) and I would recommend you try them out if you haven't before or have been thinking about it. They are pretty good and a very decent price. The brushes (minus 2) are really good. Plus, they have all kinds of colors and box sets you can choose from. 

The other thing I bought at Forever 21 that I still need to test is nail appliques. I haven't tried any kind of nail applique before, so I figured I'd try it out since it was only about $3. That way if it's horrible I don't feel bad about spending so much.

You can also find Nail Art brushes, rhinestones, glitters, micro beads and more nail related products at Forever 21. They are located in the accessories department. I hope this post helps you decide whether or not you'd like to try out these polishes. If you have any questions or comments on these polishes, leave them below, or email me at :)

Have a Great night!! 


  1. Wow thats alot of swatches! I hate bad brushes...
    but that glitter over the black looks gorgeous and i really like the greys!

    1. Lol yeah it was alot…I was going to split it into 2 posts, but decided to just do one. And I agree with you :) the black and greys are my favorite too :)

  2. Omg after i looked at this review, i tried out like 15 different kinds of nail polish from forever 21 and they were bae!!! Thanks so much!!! =)

    1. Oh I'm so happy to hear that me review was helpful for you! :) Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much for the review!!! Really helps when deciding where and what nail polishes to get but, after your review, I'll definitely go buy some of their nail polishes:)

    1. I'm glad To hear it! I looked online for any reviews before I bought them but couldn't find any, so I figured I'd write a review and hopefully help someone else decide. Thank you for letting me know it helped! :D

  4. I am loving everything you tried out! haha I know this is an old post but their nail ranges haven't changed much!