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Monday, October 30, 2017


 Happy Halloween!!

I don't want to take up much time talking...I just really wanted to share 2 last minute Halloween Nail designs with you guys :D

I received some new stamping plates from Bundle Monster for being one of their winners during their Halloween Nail Challenges, and I am IN LOVE!! <3<3<3


All of these images are from Bundle Monster's House of Horrors stamping plates.

Have a great Halloween!!

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Good afternoon! 
Are you guys in the mood for some Halloween designs yet!? I wasn't until about a week ago. I tried before that and I just wasn't quite ready...but I am now and I'm excited to share the 2 designs I've done so far :D I hope you guys like them!

Up first I created this fun Sunset Graveyard scene. I've really loved doing gradient designs, but I haven't done any for awhile now, so I figured it would be fun to create some sort of gradient Halloween design. I used the Stamping plates I have for inspiration, and I love the way it turned out! 

Another thing I've really been loving lately is the double stamping technique. It almost makes this scene look snowy as well, which I wasn't exactly going for, but it makes it more it works ;) The images are from Bunny Nails plate HD-D.

This design was done for Bundlemonster's Halloween #Monsterscream Challenge. The challenge was to create a design using at least 2 of their products, inspired by a Horror Story (book, movie or tv series). I had been thinking about it all week and then when I actually sat down to create a design I could not think of anything for the life of me! I looked up Horror movies, books...tried thinking of what I've watched and read and nothing was coming to me. I even enlisted my best friends help. Lol. But I finally came up with this image after what felt like forever! (Literally a few hours :S ).

Anywho, I had to piece this image together, because I did not have a headless horseman stamp...if you can believe that? ;P I had a unicorn on one of the plates I used that I just removed the horn, I had a prince and a princess sitting on a wall, so I just used his torso and removed his head...(that sounds terrible! Haha), I even had to add a foot on him from a zombie plate I have. Lastly, I felt like he needed a weapon of sorts and the only thing I had that was about the same size that would fit in the space was this sword/ax thing? (idk what it's called). But overall, I am so happy with the way it all came together!

I'd love to know what you guys think of these designs, or what you'd like to see me do next! :)
Leave a comment below.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Hi Lovelies!

Today I have a review and video for you guys :) I hope you like it!

**This product was sent to me for review. Please see my Disclosure Policy listed in the tabs above.**

I received these Polish Off Soakies to review a few months ago and I have tried them now about 3 times. It definitely took 3 tries to finally figure out the best way to use them. 

I'm definitely not patient when it comes to removing gel polish, or glitter polish, which is why I hardly ever wear it. But I have bought a few glitter powders, magnetic polish and a few other things that do require a gel topcoat...I've noticed that every time I want to use them, I end up not doing it because it requires a lot of patience to take the polish off. So when I heard from Mitty Burns that I was one of her winners for reviewing some products I decided to try out the Polish Off Soakies.

The first time I used them I struggled. I only had jumbo cotton balls, which as you can imagine does not work well in these soakies...but it was all I had. After 10-15 minutes of soaking the polish could be somewhat peeled off but did not come off completely. The second time was the same. But the third time I finally figured out it would be a good idea to file of the topcoat...and yay! It finally worked!

Check out my video that shows a little bit of my process ;)

Thank you to Mitty Burns for sending me these soakies :) I think I will start to wear more glitter polishes now without feeling the anxiety over taking them off hahah!

These soakies are available in multiple colors. Find them here: 

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Good afternoon Lovelies!! Are you guys excited for Fall yet!? Cuz I am :D
The temperature is starting to drop now and the humidity here in Texas is finally going down...(I am not a fan of humidity!).

Another reason I'm excited about Fall is the new polish collections coming out! ...Do you guys ever get excited for the new seasons because you know it means new Nail Polishes?? :P LOL!! I sure do!

Today I have the new Fall Collection from OPI to share with you guys.
 This entire collection consists of 12 polishes all inspired by Iceland. I highly recommend following OPI on Instagram, they have a lot of photos and videos of Iceland and the places and things there that inspired the collection. It's so cool to see what inspired the colors! It makes me enjoy this collection even more!

Ok, since there are a lot of polishes to show you, lets just get into it. I am going to try to keep this post short...but it is picture heavy, so enjoy!

**These polishes were sent to me for review. Please see my Disclosure Policy listed in the tabs above.**

Less is Norse

That's What Friends Are Thor

Turn on the Northern Lights!

I really wanted to try stamping over this polish, so I stamped using Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Tempest and stamping plate Born Pretty Store plate BP-L003.

Icelanded a Bottle of OPI

One Heckla of a Color!

This Isn't Greenland

I remember wanting this exact shade of green last year, and could not find it I am very happy to see it in this collection! And of course I had to do some camo nails ;) I used That's What Friends Are Thor, Icelanded a Bottle of OPI, Essie The More The Merrier and LVX Oasis.

Krona-logical Order

Suzi and the Arctic Fox

This color was just begging me for a stamp! I used this lacy print design from Born Pretty Store plate BP-L020 and OPI I'll Have a Gin & Tectonic.

Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots

Check Out the Old Geysirs

Aurora Berry-alis

 I'll Have a Gin & Tectonic

This Collection is amazing! The formula of all of the polishes was wonderful! I was able to swatch almost every polish with only 2 coats. Aurora Berry-alis can be swatched with only 1 coat...I'm super impressed by that! The other thing I loved is that the polishes all dry fairly quickly. I'm not super patient when it comes to letting my polish dry, so I was very impressed by the quick dry time of these polishes.

Do you guys have a favorite color from this collection?? It's super hard for me to pick but I think my top 3 are This Isn't Greenland, Less is Norse and Icelanded a Bottle of OPI...but still, I love so many of them!!

Make sure to grab this collection for yourself. Trust me. You won't regret it!
Get them here: OPI Iceland Collection

Sunday, August 20, 2017


Happy Sunday!
I hope you're having a great day :)

Today I have some beautiful Water decals to share with you from Big Beauty Bang.

These decals are stunning because they combine flowers with skulls and they just work really well together! The moment I saw them I knew I would have to show my mom and most likely create a design for her as this post is a double nail art post, since I have 2 designs to show you! ;)

**These products were sent to me for review. Please see my Disclosure Policy listed in the tabs above.**

I didn't want to use all of the decals on myself since the designs are so intricate. I felt if I used all of them at one time the design would look really busy and it would take away from how beautiful each image by not using them all on myself I was able to give my mom an awesome nail art design as well! ...She was very happy about that! Lol!

(I realize this isn't the best macro photo, but I at least wanted you guys to be able to see the skull in this design).

The bigger skull designs are absolutely amazing!! The pink skull has a crown, that unfortunately was cut off on both nails because its a large decal. And the other two are just as beautiful! I think that by using white on one nail with a pop of pink on the other was enough to tone it down a bit, while at the same time accentuating the skulls and really bringing the whole design together.

Aren't they stunning!?

You can find these skulls here: Floral/Skull Water Decals, and btw right now they are on sale for $0.99!! Plus, use my coupon code TNNA for an additional 10% off!!

Shop for more beautiful water decals, nail art supplies as well as beauty supplies at, and please let me know what you would like to see from me in future designs!