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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Hello ladies and gents! I'm really excited about this post because I had alot of fun doing all of these swatches today :) Funky Fingers polish is now one of my favorite brands of polish…and maybe after this post you'll find you love it too ;)

Just a fair warning, this will be a very picture heavy post so I hope you enjoy it! 

First up is Lazer Pink- This is a really fun, bright neon pink…more of a lighter shade of pink. 
2-3 coats 

Beautiful- This polish almost looks like a jelly polish, but I haven't ever seen or owned a jelly so I'm not sure if it actually is one. It has beautiful (pun intended lol) rainbow-reflecting shards. I actually didn't like this one as much as I expected to, but it is really pretty.
2-3 coats over Lazer Pink 

Like Clockwork- This is a gorgeous yellow-orange neon…it appears a little bit more yellow in photos but I love it! I was a little impatient with letting this one dry for some reason so I had to redo a couple of fingers a few times :P Whoops!
2-3 coats

Cyclone Sky- I love this color! It's a blue-ish mint green color (I know that sounds weird, but it's the only way I know how to describe it). 
2 coats

Mint Choco-Chip- The name suits this polish doesn't it? ;) It makes me want Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream…and I'm not really an ice cream person. This one really caught my eye in the store, but until I actually started swatching I didn't realize there were 3 different size black hex glitters and 2 different size silver hex glitters. Plus it was really fun to apply! (It looks kind of blue, but I assure you it is mint). 3-4 coats

Puffo Gelato- If you compare this one to the last one, the last one looks like a sky blue :( but it really is mint green! Lol (You can tell if you look at the pictures of the bottles at the top of this post). When I was in the store I didn't notice that the glitters in this were actually different from the Mint Choco-Chip. As opposed to silver hex glitter, this one only has 3 different sizes of black hex glitter.
2-3 coats

220 Volts- I understand why they named this one 220 Volts...when I was figuring out how I would describe it…it's like an electric blue :P They were smart thinkers! (Whoever named these). This was the only polish that actually dried matte, and I love it! So the first photo is without a topcoat, and the other 2 are with a top coat.
2-3 coats

Riot- A beautiful deep purple. Is there an electric purple?? :P If so, this is it!
2-3 coats

Sand & Stilettos- This is a really fun holographic glitter polish. It's a purple/rainbow glitter. I love this combo!
1-2 coats (I prefer 1…shown with 2) over Riot

Hip City Jack- I fell in love with this color when I saw it, but I think it's actually my least favorite of them all now that I've swatched them. It's still pretty though, don't get me wrong…it's just weird. It's a green-ish silver polish with small blue hex glitters. Although I did use a top coat, I think this polish is a textured polish. I took a macro shot so you can see. It was textured to the touch…but it doesn't say textured anywhere on the bottle, so I was kind of confused.
2 coats

 Lady Charlotte- I really like this combo a lot! This is a pink and purple hex glitter polish with small silver glitter. I think this one would be fun to use in a Valentine's Day Design. Maybe I'll come up with something! ;)
1 coat over Riot

Midge- This is probably my favorite out of them all! The bottle looks like a really dark purple, so I was surprised to find that it's more of a red-ish purple. And I really love the holographic glitters!
2 coats

The brushes on these polishes are amazing! They fan out pretty well and the thing I really like about them is that they don't get overloaded with polish like most polish brushes do.
 (All swatches done with base & top coat).

You can find Funky Fingers polish at any Five Below store (I don't think you can find them anywhere else). I have never heard of either Funky Fingers nor Five Below before a few weeks ago, so while I was in Texas I went into one. It's similar to a dollar store, but much more fun (in my opinion lol). 

So what do you guys think!? I would love to know which one(s) is your favorite! Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thank you for checking out this post! I still have alot more to show you so don't go to far! :)

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Happy Sunday Afternoon! Today's post is Day 1 of my polish swatches from my Texas nail polish haul…I can't guarantee that I will post swatches every day, but I can tell you that you have alot to look forward to :) And I am SOO excited to swatch all of these beautiful polishes!

I know this isn't the best picture, but this is all of the polishes and nail products I bought while in Texas :) And honestly (and quite sadly), pretty much all of these polishes are ones that I can not buy where I live :( How sad is that?? …It was really hard to figure out how to pack these in my already packed bag without it exceeding 50 lbs for the plane ride home :P

So first up are the 3 Fresh Paint Polishes. After receiving one of these in my prize from a Nail Art Contest I won on Instagram I just had to find more of these fun polishes! So I figured out where to find them and made my sister take me :P It's a cute store (quite similar to a dollar store) called Five Below. I have never heard of it before, you may have, but I have not so I was like a kid in a candy store when I found the nail polish bins! Hahaha. And the price! 3 for $5!! That's why I bought so many Funky Finger polishes lol…but more on those another day :P

Divine!, Sugar Crush and Square Candy

I started off by swatching Square Candy, it's a beautiful deep green. I love this color but I was actually surprised because it was very thin. It doesn't look like it would be but I need 4 coats to get this look. 3 coats might have been ok but some of my nails still looked a little streaky…other than that this is a great polish and stunning color!

Next up is Divine! I've noticed lately that my camera has a hard time focusing on the pink polishes…I apologize for that. This color is beautiful though! 2-3 coats is all I needed for this color to be completely opaque.

Last one is Sugar Crush. I am in love with this polish! It's not a sparkle polish, more like a flake top coat. In these first 3 photos I put it over Divine! and it is so pretty! I put this combo on my toes…but it doesn't show you how amazing the flakes are! So scroll down to the last few photos and you can see how awesome it is!

I decided to put it over black because it shows you the different colors. In different lighting it looks like different shades of yellow, orange and green. I really like how this polish can look so different depending on what color you put under it. This combo (with the black base) would be perfect for Halloween!

I really love the Fresh Paint polishes, they all apply evenly and smoothly, plus the brush is really good! If you don't own any of these polishes you should check out a Five Below and get yourself some. You really can't beat the price!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Hello again! :) I hope you guys checked out my last post (if not you can see it here). I posted all of the designs I did on my family while I was visiting them in Texas. This post is all the designs I did on myself while I was there.

(Just a heads-up, the lighting isn't great because I normally take my pics in a light box and obviously I didn't have that when I was there. I apologize in advance).

So…I went a little polish crazy when I was shopping in Texas :P And over the next 1-2 weeks I will be swatching ALL of the new polishes to show you guys. I bought this O.P.I., which is I Snow You Love Me because it is GORGEOUS!! And I don't have any big glitter polishes…and the best part is it was on sale! The base color is another one that was on sale and I have wanted it for along time; China Glaze, Take a Trek. It's one of the China Glaze Holographic polishes. I will be doing a separate swatch of this soon if you would like to see it :) 

After doing my sister's nails with cheetah print and one of the PixieDust polishes I had to do it on myself. I have had one other Zoya PixieDust before this trip (Beatrix) and when I found these on sale at Ulta I about had a panic attack! Hahaha! I really wanted to do a design with both Carter and Sunshine and I absolutely love the way this turned out! It was one of those designs that was inspired by the colors and as soon as I decided to use them both I knew what I was going to do.

This one I have to give you another heads-up on…my clean up brush does really well in acetone but I didn't bring it (because I couldn't take it on the plane), so I used my mom's regular non-acetone polish remover and for some reason my clean up brush doesn't do well with that. The brush fans out and the ends get stiff and clump together and it doesn't do a good job, so please look past the messy clean up of this one :P

The polishes I used were Sinful Colors, Snow Me White, China Glaze, Red Satin and Zoya PixieDust, Dahlia.

I found these beautiful water decals at Walmart for about $3 and had to try them out! But honestly, I was about to give up and throw them away after the first 2-3 tries because I wasted a whole sheet. I haven't used water decals in years! And even then the water decals I have used have never been full nail decals, so this was really hard for me to get the hang of…If you check out my middle finger you can see that there is a weird red blob on the side of my nail…that was supposed to be a heart :S The other thing I don't like is that the words are backwards. Idk if they're really meant to be like that or if I somehow put them on wrong but I don't like it….Other than that I am very pleased with how this design turned out! Which I'm so glad it did because it wasn't easy haha.