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Monday, February 24, 2014


I hope you guys enjoyed my previous post with swatches from Creations by Lynda LLC :) I do have a few more for you today. I'd say these 3 are my favorites but I can't really pick favorites…I love them all for different reasons :P

First up is the Tiger Twosome Duo (this set was inspired by LSU).

Geaux Gold and Schooled

Geaux Gold is a beautiful sheer holographic polish. I applied 3 coats to get this look. Each coat applies very smooth and evenly (below are 2 photos with a flash to show the holographic glitters).

I threw in a close up for fun :P …I couldn't resist!

Schooled is a beautiful sheer purple holo. Again I used 3 coats to get this look. This polish applies just as smooth and as even as Geaux Gold, and I love the formula of both of these polishes! Lynda did a great job!

The flash shows this polish alot darker than it actually is, and a little bit more of a blue-ish purple…the first 3 pictures are pretty accurate to the true color of the polish, but the holo is stunning!

Last up…Lynda's Honeysuckle cuticle oil and a sample of Cucidati.


I didn't actually order this polish, as I mentioned in my previous post Lynda added the cuticle oil and a mini sample of this polish…but I wish I had ordered a full size bottle of this polish because I LOVE it!! This polish is inspired by the Sicilian fig cookies with the white frosting and sprinkles…that makes me love this polish even more :P

This is a white crelly with multicolored square and hex glitters. I love the combination of colors in this one…baby pink, light and dark purple, navy blue and maybe some black…it's kind of hard to tell.

The cuticle oil has so many good reviews on Lynda's Facebook page. I really like it, it does really well moisturizing my cuticles…the only thing I don't like is how strong it is. Don't take that the wrong way, the smell is really good! It doesn't exactly smell like Honeysuckle to me though, it actually smells like candy to me :P and I like that…but it's way to strong for my liking. I'd give it an A- hahaha! ;)

Overall I absolutely love Lynda's polishes!! You can find them all here: They range anywhere from $8-12 for individuals. The Tiger Twosome Duo is $28 (or $14 individual) and is a Limited Edition set. It will only be available in Lynda's shop until March 5, so don't hesitate to get it if you like it! :) And I have to say a big Thank You to Lynda for these polishes! :D

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