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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Happy Sunday Afternoon! Today's post is Day 1 of my polish swatches from my Texas nail polish haul…I can't guarantee that I will post swatches every day, but I can tell you that you have alot to look forward to :) And I am SOO excited to swatch all of these beautiful polishes!

I know this isn't the best picture, but this is all of the polishes and nail products I bought while in Texas :) And honestly (and quite sadly), pretty much all of these polishes are ones that I can not buy where I live :( How sad is that?? …It was really hard to figure out how to pack these in my already packed bag without it exceeding 50 lbs for the plane ride home :P

So first up are the 3 Fresh Paint Polishes. After receiving one of these in my prize from a Nail Art Contest I won on Instagram I just had to find more of these fun polishes! So I figured out where to find them and made my sister take me :P It's a cute store (quite similar to a dollar store) called Five Below. I have never heard of it before, you may have, but I have not so I was like a kid in a candy store when I found the nail polish bins! Hahaha. And the price! 3 for $5!! That's why I bought so many Funky Finger polishes lol…but more on those another day :P

Divine!, Sugar Crush and Square Candy

I started off by swatching Square Candy, it's a beautiful deep green. I love this color but I was actually surprised because it was very thin. It doesn't look like it would be but I need 4 coats to get this look. 3 coats might have been ok but some of my nails still looked a little streaky…other than that this is a great polish and stunning color!

Next up is Divine! I've noticed lately that my camera has a hard time focusing on the pink polishes…I apologize for that. This color is beautiful though! 2-3 coats is all I needed for this color to be completely opaque.

Last one is Sugar Crush. I am in love with this polish! It's not a sparkle polish, more like a flake top coat. In these first 3 photos I put it over Divine! and it is so pretty! I put this combo on my toes…but it doesn't show you how amazing the flakes are! So scroll down to the last few photos and you can see how awesome it is!

I decided to put it over black because it shows you the different colors. In different lighting it looks like different shades of yellow, orange and green. I really like how this polish can look so different depending on what color you put under it. This combo (with the black base) would be perfect for Halloween!

I really love the Fresh Paint polishes, they all apply evenly and smoothly, plus the brush is really good! If you don't own any of these polishes you should check out a Five Below and get yourself some. You really can't beat the price!