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Nail Art is my passion! This blog is all about nails :) I wanted to share my passion with others and be able to connect and follow others who share the same interests! I hope you enjoy my blog :) Feel free to comment, like, share and/or give feedback. (You can also find me on Facebook and Pinterest).

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Ok, you guys have no idea how excited I am about these Christmas nails! :) Last night I decided to do my nails again and at first I really couldn't decide what I wanted to do. I looked all over the Internet to find some inspiration and finally decided to go through my stamps to see if I could figure out a fun design to do...and I have to say they turned out so much cuter than I expected! lol

I started off with a basecoat by Revlon, then painted one coat of Sinful Colors, Snow Me White over all of my nails. I was planning on doing a gradient background with blue, but the blue's I have are really dark, really light, or more of a turquoise, so it wouldn't turn out the way I wanted it to. So I decided to mix my China Glaze, Frostbite with my Essie, Borrowed & Blue and used my make-up sponges to apply the color. 

My favorite part about the entire design is the stamp I used. The stamp is by Cheeky, plate CH16, which kind of looks like snow and wind and is really what makes this design so perfect! Then to finish it off, I used my dotting tools to make the snow and the snowman and tape to make the Christmas tree.

I guess technically these are more Winter nails than Christmas, but either way they are still cute :) 

I hope you guys like this design as much as I do :) Please feel free to comment below and tell me what you think or give me some requests for designs you would like to see me do in the future! Just in case you guys didn't know, you can follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and now on Instagram as well :) 


Hey everyone! I apologize I haven't posted anything recently, I have been very busy. But if you follow me on Facebook you have probably seen my new designs already :)

First off I wanted to share with you guys the photo of the winner of my Giveaway, Brandi :) She absolutely loves her new polishes! (I do too! :P I'm tempted to go buy myself this same set lol)

Now on to a Christmas design :) This design was inspired by Robin Moses...if you have never seen her YouTube videos you have to check them out! She is Amazing! This Holiday ornament design was inspired by one of her videos, which you can see here. She used red and silver as her background colors, but I just decided to use red. 

If your wondering why this picture has a border and looks a little bit different than my usual photos its because I only had time to take a picture with my phone, so this photo is from my Instagram account. I just recently became part of the Instagram family, so if you have Instagram please feel free to look me up :)

I used alot of different colors in this design, and the best part about it, you can use whatever colors you want. So the background color is from my China Glaze Christmas collection, it's called Red Satin. I also used Winter Holly and a few of my striper brushes. Overall this was a pretty easy design, the only thing I would have done different is make the ribbons shorter so that the ornaments don't look so small.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Good afternoon everyone! :) I'm excited to say that I have picked a winner for my Giveaway and I have posted it on my Facebook page. I want to Thank everyone who participated and I wanted to let you know that even though my Giveaway is over there is another one you can participate in :)

Pixel's Polish is having a Giveaway with 4 winners! Here is a link to her Giveaway: It ends in 4 days so make sure to check it out!

Good luck to everyone who is participating in her Giveaway! And once again Thank you to everyone who participated in mine! :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012


I know I'm a little bit late posting on here...I've been crazy busy this week! 2 jobs and my brother came home from his mission. But I'm excited to announce that I am doing my first giveaway! I hit 100 likes on my Facebook Fanpage,, and I will be giving away a prize (winner picked randomly).

The prize is a Hunger Games Inspired 4 piece nail polish set (picture below) :) and the giveaway will be for my Facebook fans, so if you haven't checked out my page, please do :) and if you like it hit the "Like" button, that way you can be a part of the drawing! All the information on how to enter is on my fanpage, it does end tonight at midnight though, so please check it out today!

Friday, November 30, 2012


Good evening everyone! :) Or whoever is still awake :P As promised I still have one more post for today that I hope you guys all love as much as I do! And real quick I do want to apologize that this post is so late...I went on a date with Brandon tonight which was much needed so this post is a little later than I intended but it is here :)

This design is my favorite of all of the designs I posted today! :) It should be obvious that I got the idea after doing Brandi's nails. I was originally going to use red and white but my white polish is getting pretty tacky, so I decided try black as the base instead and I LOVE IT!!! I even had a guy compliment me on them when Brandon and I went to the Dicken's Festival here in St. George last night...and you haven't really been complimented on  your nails until a guy compliments you :P (in my opinion. Just because the majority of guys typically don't notice small stuff like that on girls).

The colors I used were China Glaze, Liquid Leather and Sinful Colors, Snow Me White, which I think is the perfect white for this design :P and the plates I used were from Bundle Monster, plates BM14, BM12 and BM03.

So what do you think!? :) Do you like this design?


I'm not sure if I should call this post "Stamps" or "Stamp Samples" lol. But I'm sure it doesn't really matter so long as the word "Stamp" is in there.

So in my last post, Swatches, I told you that I was posting about stamps over those same colors I used. I bought those 3 colors just for stamping :) So this is a fun post for me!

With all of these colors I wanted to stamp over them with the same color but a darker shade. I don't know why but I love the look! It's very eye catching! So the color I used over-top of Essie, Borrowed & Blue was China Glaze, Frostbite. Because Frostbite isn't very opaque with one coat over your nail it comes out very light with a stamp. It's very thin and shimmery. But it looks very pretty! The stamp was from Cheeky, plate CH12.

This one was hard to take off because I love the way it turned out! If you look close the stamp kind of looks like roses, that's why I used it over the pink :) It seemed like the perfect stamp to match the colors, and every time I saw my hand I had to stop and look at my nails lol. 

The color I used over-top of the O.P.I. Pink Friday was the China Glaze, Merry Berry and I used Cheeky plate CH6. And for those of you who know me, you know I don't like pink and red together...just one of those weird, quirky things about me. But I love them together when it comes to stamping!

And once again with the purple, that I love! (My sister will probably freak out over this design lol her favorite color is purple :P). So over-top of the O.P.I. Do You Lilac It? I used Cheeky plate CH15 and China Glaze, Urban-Night. I think this one is my favorite, and probably just because it's purple :P But also because I like the different shaped hearts, they're very fun!

I hope you guys have enjoyed these designs, I'd love to know which one is your favorite :) And just so you know I'm saving the best for last, but I won't be posting it until later tonight so please check back!

Thank you! :) Have an awesome day!


Hello again :P For this post I have 3 swatches to show you guys. The colors I used are the same colors I showed you in my post New Polishes.

When I was in Ulta I was thinking about the colors I already have and the colors I need and I realized that when I want to stamp with same colors but different shades I usually have to mix one of my colors with white to get a lighter shade. So I bought some pale colors just for stamping :)

This blue is by Essie, it's called Borrowed & Blue and I really love this color :) It's like a Tiffany Blue. I only needed to do 2 coats to make this opaque...and I realized when I bought this polish that this is my first Essie color. I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and bought a different brand lol. And I must say I really like it :) I will definitely be buying more Essie Polishes in the near future.

O.P.I. Pink Friday is a pretty pink. This pink next to the Essie blue above are like baby boy and baby girl colors...If I ever do any nails for a baby shower or just a baby theme I now have some that are perfect :) I have heard some people say they love O.P.I. polish brushes and after using this one I am still neutral. The reason I don't love the brush is because it seems really big and doesn't fan out as much as I like when I use it, but other than that I do like the O.P.I. polishes. To get this color as opaque as I wanted it, I did have to do 3 coats, but even with 3 coats of polish it didn't get thick and tacky like some polishes do if you do more than 2 coats.

And the last color is O.P.I. Do You Lilac It? I am a big fan of purple so I love this color! It only needs 2 coats but I did 3 just because :P I originally used this color just to stamp over it, but I realized I didn't have any swatches of these colors yet, so before I stamped over it I took some pictures...My next blog post will be with these same 3 colors but with stamps over top :) 


Hello!! :) I am so happy to be able to post so much today! I have done quite a few new designs and I am so excited to share them with you guys! I feel like I may have to many things to post all in one day lol. But I do want to share them so I hope your not overloaded :P and I may post some later on tonight depending on time.

The first 2 pictures I wanted to share are some designs I recently did on friends :) They loved them and so did I! I think they turned out so cute!

This first one I did on a friend who works with me, she has done some fun nail designs, like The Avengers, V for Vendetta and Batman, but wanted me to do her nails this time. So when she came over I showed her my collection and let her pick what she wanted. She chose 2 stamps and a red polish but wasn't sure what else to pick so I gave her some ideas and this is what we came up with :) I told her that with the red roses she could do a white base color or a lighter pink, so she went with the pink and then she thought green with black for the leaf/vine look. The actual colors I used were O.P.I. Pink Friday, Hot Fun in the Summer-Lime and China Glaze, Red Satin. The rose stamp is from Bundle Monster, plate BM14 and the leaf/vine (idk for sure what it is :P) is from Cheeky, plate CH26.

This second design is one I am very excited about :) I did this design on my friend Brandi (I have done a few designs on her but the pictures I took were on my old phone and I can't figure out how to upload them to the computer. So as soon as I can figure it out I will post them). 
Anywho, when I went over to her house she already had ideas from Pinterest :P Gotta love pinterest! lol. So she showed me her ideas and said she had to use red because she loves red nails! After seeing what she wanted I pulled out my stamps to see what kind of snow flake stamps I had and I found 2 from Cheeky plate CH5 and Bundle Monster plate BM14. We used China Glaze Red Satin and Liquid Leather, plus Sinful Colors, Snow Me White...if you guys like this design as much as I do wait until my later posts :) I have another one similar to this that I LOVE! ;)

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hey everyone! :) I'm excited to show you guys my first Christmas design for this year! I also have a swatch to show you, so you guys have a few extra pictures to see ;)

This color is called Red Satin from the China Glaze Christmas Collection and I really like it! It's a beautiful fire engine red and I only needed to put on 2 coats. For those of you who love red nails I highly recommend this color :)

So now I'm sure you can see that I used the Red Satin as my base color :) I used tape and China Glaze, Winter Holly to make the Christmas tree and then topped it off with a yellow ball made with my yellow striper polish. The present is made with my blue sparkle striper polish :)

Please feel free to comment and let me know if you have any requests for more Christmas designs :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hello there! I apologize I haven't posted anything recently, life has been crazy! But I wanted to share with you my new polishes :) I stopped by Ulta the other day with a friend and left with more than I thought :P

When I went to Ulta I was looking for O.P.I. because I knew that there was a sale on them (Buy 2 get a base or top coat free), the thing I didn't realize was how many sales they were having! :P When I was looking at the O.P.I. collection I found this cute mini China Glaze Christmas set. I was so excited about it because I don't have any Christmas colors :) The colors are Merry Berry, Red Satin, Winter Holly and Glitter All the Way.

I wanted to show you what my nails looked like with some of the polishes :( sadly this is how short they are now because of how many times they chipped. When I had my acrylic nails on I was bad...I ripped them off instead of taking them off the way you should. So my nails were super weak and were constantly chipping, and this is what I'm left with :( I'm hoping they will start growing fast. Anywho, the colors I'm wearing are Glitter All the Way over Merry Berry.

These are the O.P.I. colors I chose after about an hour of going back and forth trying to decide :P Do You Lilac It? and Pink Friday. I am so excited about them because they will be perfect for stamping! I realized when I was looking at my colors that every time I pick colors I pick similar shades of the same I needed some lighter colors so I don't have to mix white with my colors every time I need a lighter shade. So look forward to seeing some stamping designs in the near future!!

These 2 were on the sale rack that I went crazy over! :P Have you guys ever seen an entire rack of sale nail polish at Ulta!? Because it was a first for me. These colors are O.P.I. Hot Fun In The Summer-Lime and China Glaze Flirty Tankini :)  I wish I could name nail polish lol, I've seen some funny names.

The last polish I bought is Essie Borrowed & Blue. This is another one that I will use for stamping. I matched it with my China Glaze Frostbite and I'm excited to see how they look together :)

This is the last thing I bought. It's a pedicure kit :) My best friend has one that she let me use it and I really liked it. So when I found this on sale at Ulta I was super excited! It comes with Tea Tree Oil Cooling Repair Balm, Tea Tree Oil Cooling Foot Scrub, Natural Sierra Pumice Stick, Footsie Foot Brush and Footsie Foot Massager. I recommend this kit to anyone who likes pedicures and doesn't mind doing it at home.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and again I apologize that I haven't posted in awhile. I promise I will do what I can to post more :) 

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Good Afternoon! :) Are you guys excited to see this design? It's a simple, but fun design :) And honestly ever since my 31 Day Challenge ended I haven't had the easiest time coming up with ideas lol. But I think you guys will like this one :)

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet so you guys can just enjoy the pictures ;) So real quick, the polishes I used for this were China Glaze, Liquid Leather and my blue, purple and yellow striper polishes. I hope you guys like this!