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Nail Art is my passion! This blog is all about nails :) I wanted to share my passion with others and be able to connect and follow others who share the same interests! I hope you enjoy my blog :) Feel free to comment, like, share and/or give feedback. (You can also find me on Facebook and Pinterest).

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Hello Lovelies! :) I'm so excited to have some new, beautiful polishes to share with you! These 5 polishes are the new Spring Polishes from ND Lacquers.

This Collection is called "In Greece", and consists of 4 cream polishes (2 of which have shimmer) and 1 glitter polish.

**These polishes were sent to me for review. Please see my Disclosure Policy listed in the tabs above.**

Meandros, Oceanus, Agape, Mosaic and Santorini

Up first is Meandros, which is a beautiful light blue.
 Shown in the photo is 3 coats plus a topcoat.

I applied 2 coats of Mosaic over Meandros. Mosaic is a beautiful glitter consisting of different blues, silver and gold glitters in multiple shapes and sizes.

Oceanus is such a beautiful light green polish with a hint of shimmer. Shown is 3 coats plus a topcoat. I'd say this one is my favorite, but I would actually say that about each one individually. Individually each one of these polishes are stunning! And together they make the most perfect spring polishes :)

I didn't allow Mosaic time to dry before taking this photo so it looks a little thick...but that's my bad. Not the polish. Shown is 2 coats over Oceanus

(Insert googlie eyes here) I LOVE the way Agape looks with my skin tone! I was so in awe over this polish. The shade of this pink is perfect plus the shimmer just makes it so drool-worthy.
Shown is 3 coats plus topcoat.

I only applied 1 coat of Mosaic over Agape.

And last up, Santorini. I can't even begin to explain how much I like this one. I am a sucker for blues and this one just makes me melt. Shown is 3 coats plus a topcoat (this one can be done in 2).

Shown above is 2 coats of Mosaic over Santorini.

This Collection is Beautiful!! The polishes (for me) apply more like crelly polishes, even though they are cream. They're more shear, which is why they all needed 3 coats...but even with the 3 coats I have to admit that the formula is amazing! It self levels and is so glossy! When I first started to apply the polishes I was literally in awe over they way they look. And when I say they are glossy I mean it...I feel like the way I want to describe them is on the tip of my tongue, but I can't figure it out :P

The only negative thing about these polishes is that they take more time to dry than the polishes I'm used to, and I'm not super patient when it comes to dry time. So that is a downfall, but that should not steer you away from this Collection.

This Collection is now available on ND Lacquers site:
The entire Collection is $34. Individual bottles are $8.50 each.

Monday, February 16, 2015


I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day! I totally just realized I never shared with you guys my Valentines Day Design. This was inspired by my own design from last year, you can see it here. I wanted to use the same colors but we're currently staying with family until we're able to move into our new place and most of my polishes are packed I used colors I had and it turned out pretty good :) I can honestly say this is one of my top favorite designs I've ever done!

The colors I used were Sinful Colors, Snow Me White, Devious, KBShimmer, Life Rose On, Royal Polish, Carnation Creation, as well as black and white acrylic paint. I also used a detail brush from Winstonia store, plus a small dotting tool.

Watch my YouTube Tutorial here:

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Hey guys :) Sorry it's been a few days since my last post. My husband and I just moved again, our last move was a temporary thing and now we're staying with family for a few week until our new place is ready for us. Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram if you would like to see more from me :)

Anywho, today I have some fun Animal Print designs to share with you. This first one is my pastel tiger stripe design.

The colors I used were Sinful Colors, Snow Me White, China Glaze, Shocking Pink, For Audrey, Passion and Mingle With Cringle. I decided to finish it off with a matte topcoat (you can see it with a shiny version below).

This one is my absolute favorite! I was planning to do a colorful leopard print design, but the way I envisioned it didn't quite work I ended up doing this and this turned out so much better!

The colors I used were Sinful Colors, Snow Me White and Shimmer Polish, Katherine. If you would like to see a video on this, you can check it out here: