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Monday, September 1, 2014


Hello again! So if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you most likely have seen these designs recently, but I wanted to post them all here on my Blog as well. 

MoYou London is a company that sells Nail Stamping Plates...that are GORGEOUS!! Seriously if you haven't seen them you need to check them out! And they come out with new ones like every week! It's so hard to keep up! Anywho lol :P They hosted a challenge last week as a celebration of them reaching 20K followers. This Challenge/Contest was to create a mani each day with a different color of the Rainbow (colors for specific days, see pic directly below) using MoYou London Stamping Plates. Sadly, as of right now I only own 1 of their plates (Pro Collection - 03) so I didn't have a lot of options, but it was still a really fun Challenge to participate in!


A few months ago I purchased several Zoya PixieDust polishes and one of them happened to be Chyna, the gorgeous textured red you see in the photo. I've never been a big fan of red, especially on myself, but I absolutely loved this design! It's so simple, yet just enough detail to catch the eye.
The other colors I used were China Glaze, Red Satin, Sinful Colors, Snow Me White and Zoya PixieDust, Dahlia


It's really funny to me how some of the designs that I do that aren't my favorite actually end up being some of my most liked photos :P This happens to be one of them. It's not that I don't like it, because it did turn out really cute...I just wasn't really in the mood for orange, and it turned out a little too Halloween-ish. But you all loved it so I'm happy about that :) The colors I used were Essie, Fear or Desire, Zoya PixieDust, Dahlia and Sinful Colors, Black on Black.


I didn't realize when I was doing this design that it would end up more pink than yellow (Oops! :S lol), but this one was really fun to do. I used the Advanced stamping technique with China Glaze, Happy Go Lucky, Sinful Colors, Black on Black and Zoya PixieDust, Miranda to fill in the flowers.


This one has to be my favorite out of all of the designs I did for this challenge! ...and it was really really hard having to take it off the next day! Haha...but I justified that with the idea that I will recreate it really soon :P Colors used were Alchemy Lacquers, Kelpie Seaweed, one of my ALL TIME favorite Indie polishes! And Essie, The More the Merrier.


You guys know me and my blues! ;) This one was actually kind of weird though. When I was working on it I wasn't really liking it...I almost took it off! But I decided to keep going and boy am I glad I did! This was actually my first time trying out the glitter gradient and I love the way it looks! :) I definitely need to do that technique more often! 

The colors I used for this design were Sinful Colors, Snow Me White, and China Glaze, So Blue Without You and Bells Will Be Blinging. The two I used by China Glaze were actually brand new. I haven't used them before now...I know, crazy huh!? I won them from a Contest by China Glaze...the Christmas Nail Art Contest, do you remember that? That was a fun contest :) I was so excited to win 12 polishes from China Glaze but they sent me their Christmas Collection in the middle of March, so I kept them in their box and never tried them...I feel kind of bad about that.


I know it's hard to see this design but I really really loved this one! And I was only able to wear it for all of about 15 minutes :( Because of the holiday weekend I knew I'd be busy working all day on Sunday so I had to plan ahead and do Sunday's design right after I finished this one. But, I did get a few extra pictures :) The first pic is with a can see the holo-y goodness, and the second one is a sun shot that is stunning! I just couldn't pass up sharing it! :D Colors used were KBShimmer, Pansy-Monium and and ILNP, Charmingly Purple.


If you can't tell by now I'm a little obsessed with my PixieDust polishes this week :P I used the Advanced stamping technique again for this design...I knew all week I wanted to use this flower stamp, but each day I tried it it just didn't seem to work out the way I wanted it I'm happy it worked out for the last day with pink :) The colors I used were Sinful Colors, Snow Me White and Black on Black, Zoya PixieDust, Miranda and Royal Polish, Carnation Creation.

So there you have it! A weeks worth of fun, colorful stamping designs! MoYou will be posting the winners on Wednesday so cross your fingers for me! :) Muah!


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