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Monday, November 10, 2014


HELLO!! :D How are you doing this week!? I know it's only Monday, and most people don't like Mondays so I'm hoping to change that for you today if you're day isn't going so great ;)

Today I'm sharing some STUNNING polishes from Fun Lacquer...Literally the second I saw swatches of these polishes I fell in Love!! I knew I had to have them! And if you didn't guess already, these polishes were inspired by the Disney Princesses, which is another reason I love them :) ...and just a heads up, there are more than just these four! I have 10 polishes from the entire collection, which consists of 12 polishes. And honestly, I'm super bummed that I missed out on 2. Seriously bummed. But overall, I'm super excited about these colors! So lets get into it!

First up is Belle. This is a gorgeous golden-yellow :) I have a lot of gold polishes, but I can't say that I have a gold holo. And I like it!

When I first saw photos of the entire collection this was one of the colors that even though I thought it was pretty, I just wasn't all that excited about it...and boy was wrong not to be! Mulan is stunning! I was so mesmerized with this polish that I didn't want to take it off!

*Insert "Colors of the Wind" here* ;D Obviously that's a dead giveaway! This is Pocahontas :) Another very beautiful polish I wasn't too sure about, which I actually totally love!

This polish was the icing on the cake for me. I literally went weak in the knees when I saw this polish! that lame!? Lol! I don't think so...I'm sure everyone has had a moment like that :P Anywho...if you haven't guessed, this is Snow White. The only thing I'm going to say about this polish is that if you don't have a white holo, you sure need to get your hands on one! 

What do you think so far!? Don't worry if you didn't see one you like, cuz all of the fun colors are coming up next!

Stay tuned for my Part 2 with the rest of the swatches :)