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Sunday, September 27, 2015


Ok! I'm back with 10 more designs from the 31 Day Challenge :) I did fall behind a little bit, but I'm slowly catching myself back up (because I am determined to finish it :P). So let's jump in, shall we?


The colors I chose for this design were China Glaze Man Hunt and I'd Melt for You.


What I had in mind for this design didn't quite turn out, so I decided to keep it simple with one vertical stripe separating the 2 colors. The polishes used for this design were Sinful Colors Tempest, Pink Poppy's and China Glaze Passion.


I really wanted to keep this design kind of simple and classic looking. It's been awhile since I had done any animal print, and I didn't want to get to extravagant. The polishes I used were Wet N Wild LAC - My Mani?, Distressed to Impress and black acrylic paint.

If you would like to see a Video Tutorial for this design, you can check it out here.


I can not tell you guys how much I LOVE THIS DESIGN!!! :D I could almost cry from disappointment that I couldn't wear it longer...but I do plan on doing it again, because I want to do a Tutorial for you guys ;)

The colors I used are nameless. They are 2 grey polishes from Forever 21. The stamp I used is from Bunny Nails plate BuNa-B, and the dried flowers are from the Born Pretty Store. I also decided for a more vintage look by finishing the design with a matte topcoat.


I typically kind of hate this day in the challenge because I always end up thinking of the same thing. Lace. Because it's delicate...but this year I decided to think out of the box...well, not really. I just Googled delicate and a picture of a Dandelion popped up, so I figured I'd try it out. I don't love the way it turned out, mainly because the black stands out too much...but it did grow on me a little.

The color I chose as the base was Everlasting Meadow by Royal Polish, and the actual design was done with acrylic paint.


Ok, so I have to tell you guys that I am disappointed that this day in the challenge was changed from the previous years. In previous years this day was 'Tribal Print'...and I get that you can still do Tribal Print for Geometric nails...but it just isn't the same. Tell me I'm lame for thinking that, idc...but it's whatever now. I did like how this design turned out though :)

Polishes used were China Glaze For Audrey, Shocking Pink, Funky Fingers Gesso and an unnamed grey from Forever 21. I also finished off this design with a matte topcoat.


Who doesn't love glitter!? ...well I didn't for some time. Mainly because it's a bitch to take off. But I've learned to deal with that because you can't not use glitter polishes!

For this design I used Funky Fingers Gesso and China Glaze Don't Be a Flake. If you would like to see how I created this design, feel free to check out my Video Tutorial here.


I went shopping with my mom last weekend and found this Stunning polish by Essie and could not resist buying it! Especially since I was at TJ Maxx and it was the discounted price from what I would pay at Ulta or pretty much anywhere else.

The polish is called Wrapped in Rubies. I also applied China Glaze Passion over the top with a stamp from Pueen25.


Let me just tell you how this design only took me 30 minutes! For those of you who have never tried a Galaxy design because you may think it's "too complicated" or "too much work", you're wrong (respectfully). You have to give Galaxy nails a try! They are so freakin easy and it's almost impossible to mess them up!

The colors I used were Funky Fingers Black Knight and Jior Couture Bonfire, Migration, Foliage and Scenic. I also used white acrylic for the stars...and once I topcoat this design those Jior Couture colors just sparkled!! OMG I wish you guys would have seen it! ;)


I kind of almost dread this day during the challenge because it really is a challenge for me to water marble. It's always frustrating and I never get it right on my first, second and most times even third try...but I finally did something right. I don't think this design turned out "perfect" (I have very high standards for myself :P) but it's the most perfect water marble design I've done yet, so I'm happy with it.

The colors I chose were all by Liquid Sky Lacquer, The Passion Club, Meet Cha at the Pink Kitty and No Strippers, Please. I also used a base of Gesso by Funky Fingers.

If you missed Days 1-10 you can see them here. Thanks for making it to the end of this post, I know it was long, but I hope you enjoyed it! :D

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