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Monday, October 12, 2015


How's your Monday going?? Mine could be worse, but it also could be better. I feel better just laying down after work and showing you guys some beautiful swatches :)

I was recently contacted by Emma Jean Cosmetics to review some of their polishes...and here's a spoiler alert, they're AMAZING! :D And they're Scented!

**These products were sent to me for review. Please see my Disclosure Policy listed in the Tabs above.**

Up first is Beach Party. This is a beautiful orange cream polish, I wasn't sure what the scent was for this one, but on the website it says Pumpkin All Spice (I should have looked that up while I was swatching as opposed to right now, oh well). 1st coat was pretty opaque, it would have been completely opaque in 2 coats, but I was impatient and did not allow the first coat time to dry, so I needed 3 coats for this.

Pink Sherbert is my personal favorite! I love the way this shade of pink looks against my skin tone. This polish was so dang pretty! It applied like butter <3 The formula was amazing, it covered almost completely in 1 coat, 2 was perfect. And it smells like vanilla!

This is Hail to the Queen, which is a beautiful, rich lilac/purple. The scent for this one is really nice, it's lavender. Shown in the photos is only 1 coat :) I should have applied 1 more just because there were some spots that were just a tiny bit sheer, but for the most part you can't tell.

My other favorite! This is Blueberry Tart, a stunning aqua blue polish! Can you guess the scent of this one!? ...if you guessed Blueberries, you're right! I loved the smell of this one :) The application was absolutely flawless! I really loved everything about this polish. Shown is 1 coat.

Morning Mist is a very pretty royal blue polish. This one had a very refreshing smell, which makes sense because it's scent is mist and melon. The application for this one was amazing as well, and shown is 1 coat.

And last up is Tinseltown, a beautiful silver glitter. I was very impressed that I only needed 2 coats to cover every area of my nails. The scent for this one is a little bit of Mint.

I do just want to point out that these polishes smell best as your applying them...If you just open the bottle to smell them you kind of get an overwhelming polish/scent smell that isn't as good as waiting to smell it as your applying it. You need to let the polish breath first and tone done.

So that's it! I am so impressed with these polishes! The formula and the application were flawless! They're opacity was amazing, Seriously! I'm going to have to try stamping with them ;)

I hope you enjoyed these swatches and if you'd like to try out any of these polishes for yourself you can find them here:

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