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Sunday, August 14, 2016


So, I really don't know what to call these nails...on the Born Pretty Store website, the name of these decals is Geometric Figure...which I guess fits for most of the decals, but I don't feel that it accurately describes these nails. I was thinking something more like Astrology or ...?? Idk hahaha. If you have something better please leave a comment below. I'd love to know what you'd call these ;)

The base for this design was really fun to create! You can't quite tell in these photos as well as in person, but I created a watercolor base using sharpies and Isopropyl Alcohol. I used lime green, turquoise and light blue sharpies.

The water decals are super easy to apply, IF you remember to take off the top film first. For some reason whenever I'm working with small water decals like this I always forget to remove that film and then I can't use the decal; because once you put it in water, the decal sticks to the film and won't come off. So, I'm hoping that from here on out I will remember that! (Fingers crossed ;P).

Watch how I created this design here: Sharpie Watercolor Nails
Find these decals here: Geometric Figure Water Decals
For more decals, check here: Water Decals

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