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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Ok, you guys have no idea how excited I am about these Christmas nails! :) Last night I decided to do my nails again and at first I really couldn't decide what I wanted to do. I looked all over the Internet to find some inspiration and finally decided to go through my stamps to see if I could figure out a fun design to do...and I have to say they turned out so much cuter than I expected! lol

I started off with a basecoat by Revlon, then painted one coat of Sinful Colors, Snow Me White over all of my nails. I was planning on doing a gradient background with blue, but the blue's I have are really dark, really light, or more of a turquoise, so it wouldn't turn out the way I wanted it to. So I decided to mix my China Glaze, Frostbite with my Essie, Borrowed & Blue and used my make-up sponges to apply the color. 

My favorite part about the entire design is the stamp I used. The stamp is by Cheeky, plate CH16, which kind of looks like snow and wind and is really what makes this design so perfect! Then to finish it off, I used my dotting tools to make the snow and the snowman and tape to make the Christmas tree.

I guess technically these are more Winter nails than Christmas, but either way they are still cute :) 

I hope you guys like this design as much as I do :) Please feel free to comment below and tell me what you think or give me some requests for designs you would like to see me do in the future! Just in case you guys didn't know, you can follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and now on Instagram as well :) 

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