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Friday, February 1, 2013


Good morning everyone! :) Once again I apologize this post is a day late, it seems like all of the days of this challenge clashed with my work schedule :( but at least I was able to get all of the days posted :)

This week has come with a little frustration lol. I have had a few technical I only have one photo of Day 31 because the photos didn't turn out good on my camera, so I'm using the one I posted on Instagram. The other difficulties aren't for this post but future ones, because the site I use to edit my photos changed and doesn't have the tools I usually use, so I'm going to have to figure out what I'm going to do on that...but on a happier note, Nails!!

Day 31 is Shiny Nails :) I didn't do any art for this design, it's pretty much just a swatch, but it is sparkly!

I decided to be a little bit more creative with my photos this week and I added the polish bottle (Please fell free to tell me if you like it or not), I used to not like when people took pictures like this but I'm starting to like it, so I'm going to try it out with my future designs :)

This polish is by Ulta, called Hide and Go Sequins. It's a beautiful sheer polish, I used 3-4 coats to get this look and I really like how it looks like a jelly when it's done (I know that there are jelly polishes, but I don't think this is an actual jelly polish). I really love that the sparkles in the polish are different colors. Green, blue and silver...I think that's what really makes this polish pop!

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