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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Good afternoon! Today I have some fun Nail Wraps to share with you from NCLA. I first saw these nail wraps on Instagram and instantly fell in love with them! I just had to have them :P So I ordered this set, and one other (which I will be sharing in a few days).

Don't you love them!? They're crazy fun and not too difficult to apply...I say it that way just because I'm a perfectionist and I can get more frustrated with simple nail wraps than I can with my own nail art hahaha! But overall they are pretty simple to apply.

This close up ^^ is actually my favorite design :D

What do you think!? Do you like them? Once I sent a photo to my mom and my sister my mom HAD to have them LMAO!! :D She ordered them almost immediately!

I loved these! They were really fun and they last a long time! ...I don't know that from experience, because I take my designs off after a few days (normally), but they took awhile for me to take off because they stay on so well! So I would highly recommend them if you're not like me and you like to wear designs for 2+ weeks :)

You can find these nails wraps, along with many others here:

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