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Thursday, October 9, 2014


 Hello Lovelies!! :D I apologize I haven't posted anything in the past few weeks here on the Blog, but I think I can make up for that today!

Last month was the month for the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge that I have participated in the past 2 years, so even though I didn't post, I did do a ton of nail art! I really wanted to share my designs here on the Blog every day I did them, but I was in the middle of packing (because we moved) so I didn't have a ton of time to work on nails and then write up a Blog post. So I figured I'd at least do this round up so that if you don't follow me on my Social Media pages you could at least still see them!

...oh and just a far warning, there are a lot of designs so this may be a pretty long post, but I'll do my best to keep the descriptions short ;)

Day 1: Red

For this design I used Zoya PixieDust, Chyna and Sinful Colors, Snow Me White. I created the lines using striping decals by You Polish. You can find them here: 

Day 2: Orange

This one was fun :) I used China Glaze, Sun of a Peach and Sinful Colors, Snow Me White.

Day 3: Yellow

As you can tell this one is very unique. I used the hairspray/water marble technique. The colors I used were China Glaze, Happy Go Lucky, Royal Polish, Little Peep, Sinful Colors, Black on Black and a silver by Forever 21.

Day 4: Green

If you saw my post a few weeks ago on the MoYou London stamping challenge then this design probably looks a little familiar :P I didn't want to recreate the exact design, but I loved the 2 colors together! So I used Royal Polish, Everlasting Meadow and Alchemy Lacquers, Kelpie Seaweed. The stamp is BuNa plate A.

Day 5: Blue

Before I say anything about this design I have to apologize for the bad lighting :S One of the lights on my light box broke so the lighting doesn't look good...but I did fix it so the lighting gets better I promise!

For this design I used Sinful Colors, Snow Me White, KBShimmer, Sky Jinks and Shimmer Polish, Sarah. Again, the decals are from You Polish.

Day 6: Purple

I took inspiration for this design from Slotezzy on Instagram. She used reinforcers to create the perfect french tip, which is BRILLIANT!! and I had some lying around so I decided to try it out :) If you have some...heck! Even if you don't! You should try them out! Super Super easy!

The color I used is by Zoya, called Mimi, and the flowers are just stickers I've had for awhile.

Day 7: Black & White

This is a fun one that at the beginning was looking a little iffy...but it worked out! ...At least I think it did lol. I used decals from Sally Hansen, and my Black on Black by Sinful Colors. It didn't quite feel done until I added the stud from Winstonia Store.

Day 8: Metallic

I know this is more of a chrome then a metallic...but it's just so gorgeous I couldn't resist using it :P This is Sirene by ILNP.

Day 9: Rainbow

This was so fun to do! I saw this technique on Instagram by @amkuch15 (I did make a video for this one ;) I just have to edit it. So keep an eye out on my YouTube for it!).

The colors I used were KBShimmer, Sky Jinks, Pansy-Monium and Rose On. China Glaze, Happy Go Lucky, Def Defying, Essie, Fear or Desire and Sinful Colors, Snow Me White.

Day 10: Gradient

This has to be one of my favorites! Until recently I hadn't ever tried the Glitter Gradient technique, but I love it! I'm surprised it took me so long to try it out! So for this one I used 2 polishes. Sinful Colors, Easy Going and Shimmer Polish, Karen.

Day 11: Polka Dots

Idk what was going on with me during this challenge but I just fell in love with just about every design I did! And it made it so hard for me to take a lot of these off :P 

I'm normally not a big fan of polka dots on myself, but the color combination of this design just made me all googly eyed hahaha. The colors were Wet N Wild, Haze of Love and Ulta, Set the Nude.

Day 12: Stripes

This looks way more complicated then it actually is. I followed a tutorial by @lemmingspolish on Instagram. I used Sinful Colors, Snow Me White and Endless Blue and it didn't quite feel done...I felt that the middle of the nail where all of the lines met up needed something to draw the I added some small studs! I absolutely loved this design! I may have to recreate it sometime because I love it that much :P

Day 13: Animal Print

Snake print!! I figured I already did a cheetah print so why not mix it up with something you don't usually see. I used Ulta, Set the Nude, China Glaze, Street Chic and Orly, Coffee Break. Stamp is Pueen10.

Day 14: Flowers

This is another design that looks complicated but it's actually pretty simple...I may do a tutorial? I haven't decided yet, but I will post it if I do :)

The colors I used were Sinful Colors, Black on Black and white, pink, purple and yellow acrylic paint.

Day 15: Delicate Print

For some reason, every single time I get to this day of the challenge I think of why not do lace? The colors I used were China Glaze, Purr-fect Plum, Fairy Dust and Sinful Colors, Black on Black. The stamp I used was BuNa plate A.

 Day 16: Geometric

I've seen this fun design quite a lot recently so I figured I'd give it a go :P Colors used were Sinful Colors, Snow Me White and Black on Black, plus white and black acrylic paint. Again the studs are from Winstonia Store.

Day 17: Glitter

I was inspired by @bettinanails on Instagram for this design. She did this with blue and purple and I absolutely loved it! I used Royal Polish, Little Peep, Carnation Creation and Blossom Blend.

Day 18: Half Moons

So if I'm being honest with myself, I know this isn't half moons...obviously. But I loved a design Slotezzy did so much that I figured I could probably get away with it on this day! ...who's going to stop me right!? 

The color I used is Haze of Love by Wet N Wild, and the base of the nail is mattified using a matte topcoat by O.P.I. The studs are from Winstonia Store.

Day 19: Galaxy Nails

Every time I do this challenge I always try to do something different than what I've done in previous years. Especially when it comes to the Galaxy themed design. So this year I wanted to use brighter colors so I googled Galaxy and came across the pic above and decided to do my best to recreate it.

This is now my most liked photo to date! And I've had so many people request a tutorial...which I may'll just have to wait and see ;)

Colors used were Julep, Catrina, Jules, Marjorie, Nan, Evelyn, Simone, Char, Bess, Sinful Colors, Black on Black, China Glaze, Fairy Dust and white, black, yellow, orange and red acrylic paint.

Day 20: Water Marble

I kept this one simple with one nail marbled, but it didn't feel complete until I added the dots :) The colors I used were KBShimmer, Pansy-Monium, Sky Jinks, Rose On and Sinful Colors, Snow Me White

Day 21: Inspired by a Color

...Technically this was more inspired by a stamping plate I received...and one of my Facebook followers requests :P ...but I wanted to add it into this challenge so I figured it worked :P

When I was working on this one I wasn't sure it would work out, and I was sure that I wouldn't love it...but I was so wrong! I got it to work and I absolutely loved it!!! I used the advanced stamping technique to make Betty Boop more realistic (as opposed to just an outline).

The polishes I used were Sinful Colors, Snow Me White, Black on Black, Easy Going, Orly, Grave Mistake, Zoya PixieDust, Chyna and the stamps were CH29 and an Ebay stamp. 

Day 22: Inspired by a Song

Can you tell what song it is? I took inspiration from Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off". I used Sinful Colors, Snow Me White, Black on Black, Endless Blue, China Glaze, Street Chic, Passion, Happy Go Lucky and Ulta, Set the Nude.

Day 23: Inspired by a Movie

I found these fun Disney Princess and Villain water decals on Ebay and decided to give them a try! They were around $2 and are so fun for nail art! I wasn't too excited about how this one turned out at first (I think cuz I had something else in mind), but once I wore them for a little bit and took pictures I decided I really liked them! :)

The polishes I used were Sinful Colors, Snow Me White and China Glaze, Sky High Top, Rich & Famous and Fairy Dust. If you would like these decals for yourself, here is the direct link: 

Day 24: Inspired by a Book

If you can't tell, I was inspired by Dr. Suess. I grew up on these books and have wanted to do some kind of nail art with them in mind, so this was really fun. I used Sinful Colors, White on White and an assortment of acrylic paints.

Day 25: Inspired by a Pattern

I was inspired by this design from my Pueen stamping plates. I used Naiad of the Spring by Alchemy Lacquers and stamped using Sinful Colors, Snow Me White and Pueen 54.

Day 26: Inspired by Fashion

I am a huge Katy Perry fan so when I saw this dress I knew exactly what I was going to do! I was sent these decals to review and they worked so perfectly! I loved this design! :) The decals are really easy to use and so eye catching! 

Day 27: Inspired by Artwork

I forgot to save the original picture, but it pretty much looked similar to this design, just bigger ;P I used acrylic paint and Sinful Colors, Snow Me White.

Day 28: Inspired by a Flag

I kept this one super simple. White and checkered flags from the races! I used to go to Nascar races a lot with my family and some family friends so I thought it'd be fun to do this :)

Colors used were Sinful Colors, Snow Me White and Black on Black with Cheeky plate CH3.

Day 29: Inspired by the Supernatural

 I really wasn't sure what to do for this theme, but I figured creepy eyes would work...and I so wish I had a black light because that would have made this design so much more fun!

Over Sinful Colors, Black on Black I used Doctor Lacquers, Chlorophyll, Lutein, Annatto and Lycopene.

Day 31: Honor Nails You Love

I just realized a skipped a day :S bad! We were about 2 days away from moving when I got to the end of this challenge so I guess I didn't pay attention...oh well. For this design I decided to keep it simple. I didn't do this off of anyone else's design or anything. I just love the Glitter Gradient technique so much I decided to do another on :P

So there you have it!! Which one (ones) were your favorite!? Please let me know in the comments below :) And if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! :)

If you would like to see my designs from previous years you can find them here: 31 Day Challenge 2013

 Thanks for reading to the end! :P Muah!

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  1. Congrats on finishing the challenge! You created some amazing nail art all month! My favourite is definitely your galaxy nails!