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Friday, July 3, 2015


Happy (almost) 4th of July!! I hope you're all doing well.

I recently received these polishes from Ciate London. The polishes are inspired by looks off of the runway and are part of their Summer Collection. 

They also sent a Base and Topcoat that are meant to give you the long lasting effects that Gel polish gives you, without having to use a Gel kit.

I really like this white polish, the formula is really great. It applies evenly and self levels. It goes on pretty well in about 2 coats, but I applied 3 because it was still a little sheer around the tips of my nails.

The black is the same as the white, it applies smoothly and self levels. The first coat was pretty sheer, but by the second coat it was pretty opaque. I applied 3 coats for this one as well just to make sure my entire nail was completely opaque.

Here are 2 of the designs I created using some of the vinyls that were sent in the kit :) I had a lot of fun creating these and I loved them so much more than I expected!

The Gel base and topcoat work pretty well, although the first time I applied the topcoat I forgot that it was different than most of the topcoats I I applied it kind of thick and and then I had bubbles in my design. But overall, it's a good topcoat :)

I'll be posting a video of swatches as well as a tutorial for my Tribal design (hopefully) in the next few days so make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you can see those :) (Link below).