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Sunday, May 1, 2016


Hello again! :)

I have another review for you guys...this one is a little bit different for me, but I hope it helps if you're looking for stampers.

**These products were sent to me for review. Please see my Disclosure Policy listed in the tabs above.**

Ever since I received my first stamper I have been loving the stamping technique for nail art. But over the years I have noticed more and more types of stampers coming out and I've wanted to try them for myself. I started out with the Pink Double Sided Stamper, which is a great stamper, just not that flexible and kind of small when working with full nail designs. Then upgraded to the Black Double Sided Stamper because it was bigger and seemed a little more pliable (It's still my favorite). I've also tried the new Jelly stamper and have never had so much trouble with a stamper before, so I decided to try a different clear stamper, along with a Larger Marshmallow Stamper.

So far, both of these stampers are kind of difficult to use. When I first received them the Marshmallow stamper was super sticky! And unfortunately, still is. I filed it and cleaned it very well with acetone...I haven't tried washing it with soap and water yet...which may help.

This Jelly stamper was a quite a bit easier to use than the other one I have, but I still find it difficult to pick up full images (as you can see above).

Once I was able to get the stampers cleaned, I tried stamping with them and I'm more impressed with the Marshmallow stamper. When it's cleaned, it picks up the images so well! And it is large enough to cover every nail and then some! I'm still working with the Jelly stamper, I find them the most difficult to clean and have to keep tape near to help keep it clean, otherwise I can't pick up a clear image...but I love the clear stampers because they make it SOO much easier to make sure your images are stamped straight or directly where you want them.

So overall, I do really like them both, even though I've had some difficulty with them. Once I figure out how to clean them both in the best way I doubt I will have any problem with them. I would still recommend the Black Double Sided Stamper to anyone who is looking for a good one, because I have never had any problems with that one (so long as you use the right polish).

I hope this helps anyone looking for stampers :) Please feel free to leave a comment below if you would like to know more or have any questions about either of these stamps.

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