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Thursday, May 26, 2016


Are you guys ready for a 3 day weekend!? I'm surprised I have Monday off...I didn't last year, so it is definitely a nice surprise :)

To get you into Summer mode...because it's almost that time ;) I will be sharing LVX's new Summer Collection with you guys! My first thought upon seeing these colors was that they are fresh and different, which I immediately loved! (I'll let you know my final thoughts after I show you all of these fun colors ;) lol).

Up first is this fun bubblegum pink called, Bon Bon. I seriously don't think you could ever go wrong with this shade of pink! ...can you really go wrong with pink at all ever though?? Especially in the summer ;)

Next up is Lamer. I really like that this is a deep blue, although I after swatching it I did kind of hope that it was at least 1 shade brighter. But still, I love my blues so I won't really complain lol.

Saffron is the polish from this collection that surprised me the most! I normally wouldn't wear a yellow polish on it's own (usually just in designs), but this one was so different that after I applied it I was actually very intrigued by it...I for sure thought I wouldn't quite like it on its own, especially since yellow usually brings out the yellow undertones of your skin, but I actually did really like was just really difficult to clean up my cuticles ;P

Does this look more orange or red to you? At first I thought it looked quite red, then after I applied it I noticed more orange, but the photo to me definitely looks a little bit more red. Coquelicot is a beautiful orangey/red, which I'm really glad about. I feel like most collections I've been seeing lately have had red in them, so I'm glad that this was more of an orangey/red and not a plain red.

Serene is definitely one of my most favorites from this collection! Of all of the blue polishes I own (and for how much I love blue!) you'd think I own a shade similar to this, but I actually don't. I do have a few light blues, but this one is a little bit different...and I'm not quite sure how to describe the difference. So this one is definitely a great addition to my collection.

And last up is Lush, a beautiful minty/green. I liked this color so much I couldn't take it off after swatching it! :P It's so pretty!

The application for these polishes was impressive! With literally all of them! Just about every one of them was almost completely opaque in 1 coat, 2 coats added the perfect coverage. That's one of the best thing about LVX polishes, they all have amazing application!

So overall, I am very impressed with this collection! The thing I love the most about it is the fact that these aren't your usual summer shades. I know you see pinks and blues, but the shades of all of these polishes are fun and different.

What do you guys think?? Do you like them?

Purchase any or all of these polishes for yourself here: 

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