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Sunday, October 15, 2017


Hi Lovelies!

Today I have a review and video for you guys :) I hope you like it!

**This product was sent to me for review. Please see my Disclosure Policy listed in the tabs above.**

I received these Polish Off Soakies to review a few months ago and I have tried them now about 3 times. It definitely took 3 tries to finally figure out the best way to use them. 

I'm definitely not patient when it comes to removing gel polish, or glitter polish, which is why I hardly ever wear it. But I have bought a few glitter powders, magnetic polish and a few other things that do require a gel topcoat...I've noticed that every time I want to use them, I end up not doing it because it requires a lot of patience to take the polish off. So when I heard from Mitty Burns that I was one of her winners for reviewing some products I decided to try out the Polish Off Soakies.

The first time I used them I struggled. I only had jumbo cotton balls, which as you can imagine does not work well in these soakies...but it was all I had. After 10-15 minutes of soaking the polish could be somewhat peeled off but did not come off completely. The second time was the same. But the third time I finally figured out it would be a good idea to file of the topcoat...and yay! It finally worked!

Check out my video that shows a little bit of my process ;)

Thank you to Mitty Burns for sending me these soakies :) I think I will start to wear more glitter polishes now without feeling the anxiety over taking them off hahah!

These soakies are available in multiple colors. Find them here: 

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