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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Good afternoon!! It's a rainy day here today and although I love rain it seems like the weather doesn't want to make up its mind lately :( I don't like it. A week ago it was 80 degrees and just perfect and the past couple of days have been extremely windy and now rain :( and back down in the 50's... I don't know about you guys but I LOVE warm weather! So this cold can just go away :P

I guess the only thing I like about cold, windy and rainy days is that I can stay in my cozy apartment, put on a good movie and paint my nails :P Today I have more designs to show you from the April Nail Challenge :) I did do these a few days ago so hopefully I can do more today or tomorrow.

The theme for Day 10 is 'Bright', so I immediately looked at my polish collection and pulled out all of the brightest polishes I have. I couldn't figure out what design I should do so that the polishes would pop, but whenever I'm not sure what to do I always think "when in doubt, stamp!" hahah! So I decided to stamp over white and I didn't want to pick just one color to stamp with, so I chose 3 different colors :P

I started with my white base using Sinful Colors, 'Snow Me White' and once I picked which stamp I wanted to use I painted a stripe of Zoya, 'Maura' (which is the beautiful orange color!) then China Glaze, 'Def Defying' (which is the green...the green and yellow kind of blend so its not as noticeable) and 'Happy Go Lucky'. I used my Jumbo Cheeky Plate which I haven't used a whole lot because the images really are "Jumbo" lol. When I first got them I really wasn't sure how to use them because unless my nails are really long, I couldn't get the entire image on my nail. I have to admit I was a little intimidated by my Jumbo plates for awhile lol. But now I'm more comfortable with them and I highly recommend them for anyone with long/bigger nails. I have a set from Bundle Monster that was my first set of stamps and I really like it but the full image stamps don't fit my nails because the images are to small (for my nails), so I really love how big the Cheeky plates are! They are so big that I even have to clean my cuticles every time I use them hahah.

Anywho, I hope you guys like this stamp design! :)

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