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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Good afternoon everyone! I have alot of fun designs to share with you guys today! I have done alot of designs on my friends (and my mom :P) and I thought it would be fun to share them!

Ok so this first design is one I did on my mom a few weeks ago :) Now one thing you should know about my mom is she loves every nail to be different, as you can see :P I usually don't like that on myself, but it fits my mom very well :)

Here is another design I did on my mom :) I did this with one of my Bundle Monster stamping plates and then using pink I created a french tip over the top. She absolutely loved this design and could not stop showing it off :P

You guys know how much I love blue nails! Well my friend Brandi is the same way! And when she said she wanted to do blue Chevron nails I was so excited! These were actually the very first Chevron nails I have ever done and I was very pleased with the way they turned out :)

When I did Brandi's nails we had made it a girls night with our friend Cortney and this was the design I did on her. I really liked doing her nails because she knew exactly what she wanted and I love the way it turned out :)

Have you guys ever tried patchwork nails before? I had always wanted to but never got around to it, so when my mom had me do her friend Anna's nails, I was so excited that she wanted patchwork nails! 

Cheetah print and polka dot toes! Both cheetah print and polka dots are my moms favorite! It's what she always goes back to if she doesn't have any other ideas.

Here is another design I did on Anna, she loved the patchwork nails so much and was so excited to have me do her nails again for spring!

 My mom is my biggest supporter when it comes to my nails! (because she wants me to do them all the time :P) So after I do her nails she always goes to work and shows them off to all of the girls in the office! This design is on one of my moms coworkers who couldn't wait to have hers done and although it is simple she loved it!

For those of you who don't know, this month is Autism Awareness Month. I posted a picture on Facebook about Autism Awareness within the Nail Community and a friend of mine messaged me wanting me to do her nails. She has a 3 year old autistic son and wanted to have her nails done for him which was a total honor for me to do for her :)

 These last 2 designs I did on another girls night :) it was so much fun! I haven't done alot of acrylic nails but it was fun to get some practice. This first design was inspired by a design I did on myself (which will be posted in a later post).

And for the last design! :) I love the way this one looks! I have always wanted to try a stamp with nude nails underneath, so my friend Anna (different Anna) decided she wanted to try it...and we both loved it!

I hope you guys liked these designs and once again if you have any recommendations please feel free to comment and let me know!

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