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Friday, April 12, 2013


Have you guys seen braided nails before?? Or tried them? I remember the first time I tried braided nails I really really didn't like them :P I never thought I would try them again but this is actually Day 7 of the April Challenge.

As you can probably tell I loved the 'Pamplona Purple' so much that I had to use it one last time before I gave it back :P So I started off with that as a base color and then using Sinful Colors, 'Viole Serenade' painted a thick line in a half "V" shape at the top of my nail (I made a tutorial for this design :D ). Then using white acrylic paint I painted the other half of the "V"'s actually not very easy to explain how to do this design without making it sound more complicated than it is, so please take a look at my step by step tutorial.

If you guys do like my tutorial and find it helpful to try out braided nails for yourself, please feel free to share your design on my Facebook page,, or tag me on Instagram at @playfulpolishes :)

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