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Saturday, July 6, 2013


I know that it's past the 4th of July now, but I still wanted to show you guys my design! :) I really wanted to do something fun and unique this year and after googling, YouTube-ing, IG-ing and even looking all over Pinterest I couldn't think of anything!! So I got out my red polish and decided to paint my toes while (hopefully) something came to me.

I think I got lucky this year because I love how this design turned out! :) I even started painting before I actually figured out what I was going to do...So here's my fun, unique design!

I started off painting my ring finger with Sinful Colors, Snow Me White, and while it was drying the thought of swimming suits popped into my head :P It was quite appropriate because that's how my fiance and I were spending our holiday :) It's been averaging about 106 (degrees) here this week so that's all we could think of doing lol!

Using my acrylic paints, I free-handed the swimming suits (they are not a replica of mine or my fiance's :P), and I think they turned out so cute!! A little Red Polka Dot Bikini :P

I didn't use any other polishes to finish this design, it was all done with acrylic paint...which is good that I have that because I don't have a red polish this color :( 

And this is to prove that my left hand gets love too :P lol This is definitely a 'His & Her' design. I hope you guys had a fun and safe holiday!! Thanks for checking out my blog! :)

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