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Saturday, July 6, 2013


If you follow me on a regular basis, you've probably noticed that I haven't done much stamping recently. But because I was going on vacation for a week and wasn't going to take my nail supplies, I decided to do a fun, simple design with my stamps :)

The day I before I left for my vacation my fiance and I were at the grocery store and when I went to put something in the cart my pinky nail hit right directly on the top of the bar :( the Zoya PixieDust held on pretty good right until the end! :P So not only did they need to be repainted, but because of the one break, they all needed to be filed down. I even debated putting the Zoya PixieDust back on, but decided I should do a fun stamp instead.

I loved the orange on my nails before so I decided to stick with orange-like colors :) I used China Glaze, Sun of a Peach as the base coat (it needed about 3 coats for full opaqueness), and then used Zoya, Maura and Cheeky plate CH7 for the stamp. I only have 2 Zoya polishes (atm...) so I haven't had any experience before stamping with Zoya polishes, but Maura is the perfect color for stamping! It has a really nice consistency and is very opaque with one coat.

(China Glaze - Sun of a Peach)

(Zoya - Maura)

There you have it! Short and sweet! :) I hope you guys enjoyed this design as much as I did! It has inspired me to want to stamp more...I may have to buy more stamps soon :P I'll keep you updated!

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