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Saturday, October 5, 2013


Good morning everyone! :) I want to thank you guys for continuing to check out my posts and commenting even though I've been a little sporadic lately. Once I move I'm hoping to work on making my posts more timely...So don't go anywhere! :P

Today's post is Delicate print and I always have kind of a hard time with this one. It's not super easy to think of something to paint on your nails that's delicate. I thought on this for like 2 days before I even tried anything :P But overall I am satisfied with the way it turned out.

These tiny, little dots make this design so beautiful! I wish I could say I did this with dotting tools, but it's actually a stamp. I used Cheeky plate CH7 and Ulta, Set the Nude with Celebutante over the top.

I'm very happy with how this design turned out and once I finished it I thought of other things I could have done for Delicate print (lol typical...), like feathers, flowers and maybe a baby themed design :) So if you end up doing the Delicate print nails at some point, there are some ideas for you! And hopefully I remember them for next year as well! :P

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