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Sunday, October 6, 2013


OK, so of all of the posts I have posted so far this one is probably my absolute favorite! :) I am really excited to show you guys this design!

I know I have done a few Galaxy nails before, but I wanted this one to be different than what I have already done so I decided to do a Galaxy Drip design, which was inspired by +Coewless. If you would like to see her video click here. Her design is absolutely amazing!

When I first started this design I wasn't quite sure that the colors were going to work together, it didn't seem to look like a Galaxy, more like a bunch of different blobs of color...but that happens every time I do Galaxy nails. It never seems like its coming together until you add the stars :)

I used ALOT of colors for this design so here is my list :P 

-China Glaze- 
White on White
Flirty Tankini
Purr-fect Plum
Are You Jelly?


Peach Petal


I hope you guys like this design! And please take a few minutes to watch Coewless's video :) It isn't as hard as it looks. I promise :P

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