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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I have to admit that my Flower design last year totally sucked hahaha...I had this idea that I thought would be so cute and it just so wasn't :P But that is ok. This year I have totally redeemed myself! I think this flower design is my absolute favorite! Plus I received so much positive feedback on it :)

Looking at this design I realize I probably could have done this as my Half Moon mani also, but I really like what I did for that design, so check back soon because I'm sure you will like that one too :)

The base color for this is China Glaze, White on White, which I do like, but I prefer Sinful Colors, Snow Me White. Overall it just applies more opaque. With the CG I have to apply 3 coats to get overall opaqueness, whereas with SC I only have to apply 2. The purple and green are both acrylic paints and the sparkle I added is China Glaze, I'm Not Lion.

So as I said before I absolutely love how this turned out! I am so happy with it! It's simple and elegant and super easy! This is a great design for any nail artist, beginner or more advanced :)

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