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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Good afternoon Lovelies! :) Today I have some beautiful polishes to share with you guys that I actually won from a Valentine's Day Nail Art Contest on Instagram. The design that won was my Valentines Day Dream Catchers, which I still love!

Blood Rain, Paralyzing Fog, I Pink I'm Purple, Mocking Jay and Give Me Sapphires.

(Please excuse the difference in lighting between the pics…I recently received a new light box and I was experimenting with the lighting between colors).

3 coats

This first color is Blood Rain, a beautiful soft pink holo polish. I really like how soft this pink is…It was almost like a pallet cleanser for me, which was nice because there was still some color and sparkle on my nails ;)

This is Blood Rain over O.P.I., Hey Baby
(I used Chevron nail vinyls from @teismom on Instagram).

3 coats

Paralyzing Fog is a gorgeous shimmer purple. This color really stood out to me! I could not stop staring at my nails once I applied this one…and Mora (from Sassy Cats Lacquer) asked me to play around with the colors and add some art, so I added this beautiful rose stamp from Pueen (plate 22) using Sinful Colors, Black On Black, and then I really couldn't stop staring at it! :P 

3 coats

This is Give Me Sapphires, a stunning blue with purple shimmers. I really like this color alot! (but anyone who knows me probably already knew that! hahaha…I love my blues!) 

You can't really see the purple shimmers in the photos because it's hard to catch but I did try to make them stand out a little with lavender rhinestones…it didn't really work, but it's still pretty :P Lol.

3 coats

I Pink I'm Purple, a very fitting name for a thermal polish that changes from…can you guess?? ….Purple to pink! :P I loved the transition! And the shimmers! I think Mora did a great job with this thermal!




Yay for thermals!! If you don't own any, you should probably try some. They are so fun!

3 coats

And last up, Mocking Jay. Look how Gorgeous that holo is!! (Insert googly eyes here). Not only is the holo gorgeous, but this has to be my all time favorite blue/holo combination!! :D

And just for a little more fun I added Pueen plate 22 again with Sinful Colors, Snow Me White.

Blood Rain, Paralyzing Fog, and Mocking Jay are part of Sassy Cat Lacquers Hunger Games, Catching Fire Inspired Collection and I Pink I'm Purple and Give Me Sapphires are part of her most current collection, the Majestic Collection. If you would like any of these colors for yourself, or would like to see the entire collections, you can check them out at Mora's website: Also, make sure to follow Mora on Facebook: and Instagram! @sassycatslacquer

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