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Friday, November 30, 2012


Good evening everyone! :) Or whoever is still awake :P As promised I still have one more post for today that I hope you guys all love as much as I do! And real quick I do want to apologize that this post is so late...I went on a date with Brandon tonight which was much needed so this post is a little later than I intended but it is here :)

This design is my favorite of all of the designs I posted today! :) It should be obvious that I got the idea after doing Brandi's nails. I was originally going to use red and white but my white polish is getting pretty tacky, so I decided try black as the base instead and I LOVE IT!!! I even had a guy compliment me on them when Brandon and I went to the Dicken's Festival here in St. George last night...and you haven't really been complimented on  your nails until a guy compliments you :P (in my opinion. Just because the majority of guys typically don't notice small stuff like that on girls).

The colors I used were China Glaze, Liquid Leather and Sinful Colors, Snow Me White, which I think is the perfect white for this design :P and the plates I used were from Bundle Monster, plates BM14, BM12 and BM03.

So what do you think!? :) Do you like this design?

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