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Friday, November 30, 2012


I'm not sure if I should call this post "Stamps" or "Stamp Samples" lol. But I'm sure it doesn't really matter so long as the word "Stamp" is in there.

So in my last post, Swatches, I told you that I was posting about stamps over those same colors I used. I bought those 3 colors just for stamping :) So this is a fun post for me!

With all of these colors I wanted to stamp over them with the same color but a darker shade. I don't know why but I love the look! It's very eye catching! So the color I used over-top of Essie, Borrowed & Blue was China Glaze, Frostbite. Because Frostbite isn't very opaque with one coat over your nail it comes out very light with a stamp. It's very thin and shimmery. But it looks very pretty! The stamp was from Cheeky, plate CH12.

This one was hard to take off because I love the way it turned out! If you look close the stamp kind of looks like roses, that's why I used it over the pink :) It seemed like the perfect stamp to match the colors, and every time I saw my hand I had to stop and look at my nails lol. 

The color I used over-top of the O.P.I. Pink Friday was the China Glaze, Merry Berry and I used Cheeky plate CH6. And for those of you who know me, you know I don't like pink and red together...just one of those weird, quirky things about me. But I love them together when it comes to stamping!

And once again with the purple, that I love! (My sister will probably freak out over this design lol her favorite color is purple :P). So over-top of the O.P.I. Do You Lilac It? I used Cheeky plate CH15 and China Glaze, Urban-Night. I think this one is my favorite, and probably just because it's purple :P But also because I like the different shaped hearts, they're very fun!

I hope you guys have enjoyed these designs, I'd love to know which one is your favorite :) And just so you know I'm saving the best for last, but I won't be posting it until later tonight so please check back!

Thank you! :) Have an awesome day!

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