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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!! Are you guys doing something fun tonight!? I hope so! :) I decided while I wait for my fiance to get home from work that I would show you my New Years nails. I did film this design so hopefully I can get the video up by tomorrow (it still needs to be edited).

I decided to do 3 different designs on my accent nail so if you decide sometime that you would like to re-create this design you can pick which one you like most or create your own!


So you can do a plain accent nail with sparkles…or you don't even have to do an accent nail. I just had a few ideas that I wanted to put them all together in one manicure :P

For my "perfectionist-self" this did not turn out how I hoped it would. But I wasn't to upset because I still had another idea I wanted to try out.

This one turned out to be my favorite! (Which was a really good thing because I was out of ideas haha). I was inspired by 2 different people for this design. The first is @badgirlnails on Instagram. She made a gorgeous design with a sunset like this only her sunset was designed with pine trees. And the second was Robin Moses. The skyline and fireworks from this video was my inspiration :)

I decided I wanted to add a kiss because isn't it everyones first priority for the New Year to get a New Year's kiss?? :P I'm glad this turned out as cute as I hoped it would.

The colors I used were Sinful Colors, Snow Me White, Cotton Candy, Sugar Rush, O.P.I., Do You Lilac It? and China Glaze, Liquid Leather and Fairy Dust, I also used black and white acrylic paint (very watered down) and Cheeky plate CH29.

So which one is your favorite?? Let me know in the comments below :) I hope you all have a Wonderful night!! Have fun, be safe and get your New Years kiss!! :P

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