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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


When I think of nail art, I don't think about food. And when I think about food, I don't think about nail this theme kind of threw me for a loop. I actually had to think on it for a couple days. I've seen people do fruit on their nails which is really cute, but I figured with this theme it was meant to be festive food...I've seen a few people paint turkeys on their nails and as cute as that is I just didn't really want to put that much time into this what did I end up doing?? Gingerbread men and Candy canes!

Sure you might say that Gingerbread men and Candy canes aren't exactly food...more a dessert, or candy. But still, you can eat it, therefore it Is food! :P (I just have to justify it hahah). 

The only 2 polishes I used for this design are China Glaze, Red Satin (from 2012 Christmas set) and Street Chic. I added all of the lines with white acrylic paint and then added some rhinestones for the Gingerbread man's buttons.

This design is so simple and cute! What do you guys think? 

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