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Thursday, January 8, 2015


Here are a few of the Holiday designs I did on my family while I was in Texas :)

My mom loved my pink, cream and grey Fair Isle mani so much but she wanted darker colors so we chose a dark purple, cream and a golden//brownish-copper color.

This was actually a friend of my moms. She loved coming over to have me paint her nails :)

I kind of came up with this design while my mom and I were trying to figure out what to do on her nails...I was looking at my plates and she knew she wanted black, white and red so we came up with this fun one together. The picture doesn't even do it justice, because in person it was soo stinkin' cute!

The one and only design I was able to do while we were at my sister's house. She chose the colors and the stamps and it turned out very cute!

And last up is this cute design. We were inspired by @clawsbyrawr on Instagram. 
I had done a few more designs on my mom, but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. 

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