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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


The design I want to share with you today is inspired by these two beautiful girls here :) These girls are my cousins, Kendra and Maliyah Herrin. They were conjoined twins, separated 6 years ago. They were joined at the abdomen and the pelvis. If you would like to read they're story visit

The reason I was inspired to do this design was because yesterday (8/21/12) was International Conjoined Twins Day. My aunt Erin sent me a Facebook invite to the event, and although it was not an actual event I had to physically attend, it was asked of everyone to create a butterfly with two separate colored wings to represent conjoined twins. I was very excited because I needed inspiration for a new nail design and this was perfect! I uploaded the picture to the event wall and my aunt was very appreciative of the it was very fun for me to do :)

I really enjoyed creating this nail design because it had more meaning behind it than just painting a butterfly. This butterfly represents my cousins :) I remember when I was in the hospital visiting them before their surgery I was able to paint their nails...I will never forget that :) This design is dedicated to them.

To create this look I used a Nail Art Brush and Dotting Tools.

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