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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hi all! :) I'm sure you all know how awesome crackle polishes are! ...but I've just recently found out (lol) I knew of them and I thought they were fun for other people, but after this mani, I LOVE them!!

I'm excited about this one because I used the 3 Crackle polishes I bought. This is a technique I got from Chalkboard Nails, hers turned out beautiful!!! (Check it out here: 'CN Brush Strokes'). She picked colors that really complimented each other. She got the look from Gorgeois who calls it 'Brush Strokes'...and that's exactly what it is.

I love how the Crackle Polishes together make it look kind of like animal print. My boyfriend doesn't see that but I think that every time I look at them feel free to tell me what you think :)

Here are the names of the Crackle polishes I used:

Oxidized Aqua- is the blue Crackle. When I look at the bottle the color has silver and a little tint of pink specs in it.
Latticed Lilac- is the purple Crackle. From what I can see this one has silver specs and maybe a little bit of gold? I'm not sure...
Haute Metal- is the pink Crackle. This one just has silver specs.
They are all beautiful and fun to use! When I saw them I first noticed they were Crackle polishes and I kind of wished they weren't because of how beautiful they are...hopefully I can find some polishes that are not Crackle but are these same colors because I love them! :)
(To see a picture of the bottles of the Crackle Polish, check out my post 'Steal of the Week')

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