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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Today I wanted to upload some of my previous work because they are some of my favorite designs (freehand and stamps). I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)

This design on my toes I actually found online so I dont want to take the credit as it is not my own design. As soon as I find the site I found it on, I will share the link.

This design was fun! :) I wanted to use all of my colored polishes and use some brushes to create a fun look. I figured color and animal print would be way fun and this was by far my most favorite look! I got so many compliments on this look, and not only from women, I had men compliment me to! And you know if a man compliments you on your nails, they look good hahaha :P

This is my Captain America nail design. I created this look for the 4th of July, but instead of it being a 4th of July theme, it turned out to look more like Captain America to me so I went with that :)

I used the Konad Stamps to create this look :) I love blue and green so I wanted to create a look with those colors.

Here is a close up of the blue. I absolutely love the way it turned out! I love that if you dont look to close, you won't see the flowers...

Here is a close up of the green. I didn't love the way the green turned out as much as I did the blue, but it did still turn out pretty good.

I created this design when I first heard about using tape. I love the colors I chose! They compliment each other very nicely :) ...but as you can see I still wasn't quite sure how to take a good picture or how to place my hands, so grabbing the first thing I could find (an orange :P) I took a picture... but, it did turn out to be a decent picture.

 This design was a simple one I did when I didn't have much time. I painted the tips of my nails and then added stickers for fun :) I like the simplicity of this design.


 This Robot design is not my own, I actually got this design from 'Totally Cool Nails". You can find her on Facebook and she also has a video on YouTube for this design. She did an awesome job! I think the only thing I forgot to do when I re-created the look was to outline the eyes. This design was so much fun and I received alot of compliments for it :)

 My Lady Bugs and Bumble Bee's design was fun but not my favorite. I had bought some Nail Art Pens from Ulta that I wanted to test out. Although the design turned out cute, I personally did not like the pens...which is when I decided to use brushes, which work best for me :)

 This was the first time I used my Konad Stamps...I had just recently bought a few new China Glaze Nail Polish colors and I wanted to use all of them :P So this design was perfect to use everything I wanted. And it's fun! :)

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