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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Swatches...hmm. A few days ago I had never heard of this term, and to be honest, when I did hear about it I still had no idea what it was...I had to google it :P hahah glad that I know what swatches are now.

So today I will be sharing two swatches of the polishes I just recently bought. I'm not usually one to even look at these colors that I'm sharing with you, But! I see that changing! ;) So the first is a China Glaze color that caught my's called Agro. And I apologize in advance...I did not clean up my cuticles very well before I took pictures.

This color is very different. I do really like it though :) It's a deep, forest green, and these pictures show the color very nicely. What you see in the pictures is the true color.

The other color is by Orly. I seriously could not put this color down once I saw it, it's so pretty! And I normally don't look at brown polishes, but for some reason they are starting to grow on me. So, the name of this polish is Buried Alive.

This was a hard color to take a picture of...but in the second picture you can see the color a little bit better. It has small gold flakes that brighten it up and make it sparkle.  

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