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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hey guys! I'm so sorry about boyfriend, Brandon, decided we needed to get out of town for the day, so we went to Vegas! :) It was nice to get out and switch up our routine. But, because I didn't plan for it we got back kind of late. I did still plan on doing my nails. I did a cute, fun, simple design...but dang it took me so long!

Have you ever had one of those days where you start painting your nails and adding designs and the first nail goes smooth and looks awesome and then you do the next nail and mess up. You think 'oops, oh well, its only one nail, I can hurry and re-do it'. And then you keep going with your other nails and come back to it and mess it up again!? :( I did that last night. And for some reason the same nail just didn't want polish on it at all! I messed it up so many times that I had to just let it go and go to bed.

Day 2 is orange, which I'm not a huge fan of...but it turned out cute I think :) The middle finger was the one that wouldn't cooperate, so I painted it a different color and I actually like it.

I used Silky Polish, Dupion Tang, Sinful Colors, Timbleberry, and Cheeky Plate, CH7.

So because of how everything worked out today, I'm going to continue as if tomorrow is Day 3, I apologize about that. Please check back tomorrow for my Yellow nails! :)

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