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Saturday, September 22, 2012


Have you guys heard of Silky Polishes? I just recently found out about them on Facebook ( when the creator of them, Janna, posted about the harmful chemicals some nail polish brands use. I was intrigued, because I like to do what I can to help the planet and animals, etc. Anywho, I asked her for a copy and we emailed back and forth a few times...long story short, I realized she is the creator of Silky Polish :P lol.
About 2 weeks ago she posted that she was having a summer sale, so I finally bought some of her polishes...I love them :) When I opened up the box after receiving them I first noticed how opaque they look. The formula is amazing! You pretty much only need one coat of each color.

Here are the colors I bought :)

From left to right the colors are:
Eri Isle (Sheer)
Twill Sea
Viole Serenade
Dupion Tang
Tussah Sunglow

This design was fun :) I used Twill Sea because it is such a beautiful color and I had to try it first! hahah

I also used Striping Tape for this design. I just bought it from Amazon and wanted to try out my new polish and the tape at the same time. 
So far I like the look of the Striping Tape, but I don't love it. I know it was my first time using it, so I will be trying it again...but the reason I don't like it so much is because the ends peel very easily, so it didn't last very long.

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