Nail Passion

Nail Art is my passion! This blog is all about nails :) I wanted to share my passion with others and be able to connect and follow others who share the same interests! I hope you enjoy my blog :) Feel free to comment, like, share and/or give feedback. (You can also find me on Facebook and Pinterest).

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hello again! :) I am so happy to be painting my nails again! When I went on my vacation I gave my nails a break from any polish, and it was refreshing, but once that week was up I was ready to get right into painting again :P and alot! Obviously haha.

Anywho, Day 2 is Orange nails and I decided to go with a Butterfly design. I have seen this design everywhere and have debated trying it for along time, so I finally gave in...and I actually like it alot more than I thought I would :)

The reason I put off trying this design for so long was because it seemed like everyone was doing this design and I didn't want to be copying everyone else. Plus I like to come up with my own creations or be inspired by another design, but make it my own...and I couldn't really do that with this design. This is a very simple, basic design.

For this look I used Julep, MarjorieCatrina and also Zoya, Maura. I started off with a basic gradient with the 3 colors and then using acrylic paint I added the design over top :)  

Once it was done I took some pictures and then decided that I wanted to see how it would look with sparkles over the top :) So I added a layer of China Glaze, Fairy Dust. Personally I like this design better without the sparkles, even though both ways are very pretty.

Overall I am very happy that I tried this design...and even though my perfectionist self isn't satisfied, I am happy with it and I may even try it again sometime using other colors ;)