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Sunday, September 15, 2013


I am really excited about today's design! I used to not be a fan of yellow on nails, I think mostly because I never really knew what to do with yellow, but today I am so IN LOVE with yellow nails :P
I even like yellow on my toes now, thanks to a girl in Scottsdale :) Pale yellow. It's very different because I usually only like pink, orange, red and sometimes purple on  my toes, so I have to be in the mood for a pale color, but it is so cute!

The colors I used for today's design were Silky Polish, Tussah Sunglow, O.P.I., Suzi Takes the Wheel and Julep, Catrina. I chose to use grey with the yellow because I love these two colors together! I have been thinking about doing a design using these two colors for months but I was never in the mood for yellow, so I'm glad that the 31 Day Challenge has me use certain colors...otherwise, who knows when I would have done this :P 

Another reason I love this is because I just dyed my hair a red-brown yesterday and the yellow looks so pretty with it! I'm really sad that I won't get to wear this design very long, but I think once the 31 Day Challenge is over I will do it again :)

Julep, Catrina is one of my newest polishes. I have been wanting it for months and it finally came in my last Maven box :) I think it is a really pretty sunflower yellow; very vibrant. It goes on very opaque...I haven't done a swatch of it yet but I'm pretty sure I would only have to apply one coat. I did only need one coat for this design, but once I am able to get some swatches done I will let you know for sure :)

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