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Friday, September 20, 2013


So I have to admit that I have never been crazy about Day 8 of this challenge. I don't really like metallic  polish or anything on myself...on other people I do like it. But for some reason it's just not my thing. So instead of using polish I decided to use my striping tape :)

This design is super simple. I used China Glaze, Liquid Leather and 5 different colors of striping tape that I ordered from Amazon :) 

If you haven't tried using striping tape before I think you should try it at least twice. The reason I say that is because my first time using striping tape I hated it :P lol but I decided to give it another chance...and the second time was better. Striping tape is tricky because you have to cut the end of the tape a little bit before the edge of the nail otherwise the tape will start to lift. You definitely need patience when using striping tape. I prefer not to use striping tape as my design, but for helping me make straight lines. Overall though, I do really like how this one turned out :)

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