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Saturday, September 21, 2013


Hello everyone! I'm really excited about today's design :) I had this design randomly pop into my head a few weeks ago so I decided to try it out and it's so much better than I expected!! :)

Before I show you the actual design I wanted to show you the base colors. 

I decided to go with a Pastel Rainbow look instead of bright colors and I'm glad I did :) After I put a top coat on I fell in love with this so I decided to take some pictures before I painted over it. Good idea huh!? :P

So back to what I was saying about this design popping into my head...I remember one morning I was making my bed and I had this random nail design pop into my head so I grabbed my phone and opened my notes to write it down, otherwise I would have forgotten. I am so glad I did that because I love this design!!

The colors I used for this were (from the thumb to pinky) Sinful Colors, Orange Cream, Silky Polish, Tussah Sunglow, Sinful Colors, Innocent, Essie, Borrowed & Blue, Sinful Colors, Sweet Tooth and then finishing with Orange Cream again. 

I free handed all of the shapes using a small nail art brush and black acrylic paint and then used a dotting tool to add the white and black dots. But the thing that really pulled this design together was my top coat of Seche Vite! :)

I hope you guys like this design as much as I do :) Thank you so much for checking out my post! Please leave any questions or comments below if you have them! :)

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