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Friday, September 13, 2013


Hello everyone! :) I apologize that I have been M.I.A. lately...alot has happened, so I do apologize. But here I am! I'm back and I am excited to tell you guys that I am doing the 31 Day Nail Challenge again!!
I started it a little late last year...and because I was out of town I wasn't able to start it on the 1st of this month like everyone else, but that's not stopping me from doing it :)

So here is the list for the full 31 Days, and if you would like to try this out I highly recommend it! I honestly believe that doing my nails every day for 31 days last year is what really helped improve my nail art :) So I am excited to see what I come up with this year :)

As you can tell 'Red' is the theme for day one. I have been wanting to try out this nail technique for Roses for a few weeks, and I figured it would be perfect for today's theme.

I don't know if I love this with the all black nails or not, I think the black is really bold and takes away from the roses...but other than that I am satisfied with how these turned out :) The colors I used were China Glaze, Liquid Leather and Merry Berry, and I also used red and white acrylic paint.

If you guys have checked out my post for last year's Red nails, you might notice that the design is actually kind of similar...that was not on purpose :P I used pretty much the same colors and I did a french tip design both times haha. 

When I decided to do this design I hadn't even looked at the design I did last year until this one was finished. And I just laughed at myself for doing something similar...but I do have to say that my painting and my pictures have improved :) 

I got the idea for this look and technique from Robin Moses :) (If you would like to check out her design you can see it here). I did follow her video, but I added the white to make it stand out a little bit more and sparkles to make it more elegant.

I hope you guys enjoyed this design and look forward to 30 more :P Have a great night and I will see you guys again tomorrow!

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