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Sunday, June 2, 2013


Some of you may be wondering "what the heck is a Maven!?" ... Am I right? :P Have you guys heard of Julep nail polish? I had seen it a few times here and there, and every time I saw a picture of someone who had Julep polish I was kind of jealous lol. One day when I was going through my feed on Instagram I came across one of the nail accounts I follow and she had a picture of her Maven Box. Once I actually figured out what she was talking about I noticed 5 or 6 other accounts posting pictures of their Maven boxes! (You know how once you really notice something you start seeing it everywhere!?) I had to know what it was because I had never heard of it before, and to my surprise she had Julep nail polish!! She had a full description of everything in her box and how to get my first one for free, so of course I had do that! Free nail polish!? You bet I'm going to jump on that! :P She posted a link in her bio of how to sign up to receive your first box free, so I immediately signed up!

When you sign up to become a Maven you first take a style quiz to find out what Maven you are. I was matched with the "It Girl" category, and after reading through the other styles, it seems to fit me best :) But you also don't have to stick with that style every month...each month they send you an email with the contents of your next box and you can choose to receive a different one if you like another one better. So after your first box you receive a box every month for $ before you freak out about that I have to tell you that the reason I really like that is because you can opt out if it's not prudent for you each month. So on the 24th of every month they bill you and then they mail out your box on the 27th...I received my first box pretty quickly, which was awesome because I was so excited!

Here is my first box :)

Cute pink bag with a sample of a foot scrub :) And a cute Welcome note!

3 beautiful polishes! You may recognize the blue one from my Earth Day mani (:S that really shows how far behind I am on posting...).

I absolutely love these colors and I finally had a chance to swatch them this week! (I didn't swatch Carly because I thought I already had...Oops.) So here are the swatches and my review on each color :)

Simone - Simone is a beautiful, soft purple. For full coverage I only needed to apply 2 coats. The first coat was a little bit streaky, but the second filled in all of the streaks. My favorite thing about this color, that you can't really see in the photos, is it has a beautiful blue tint! When the light hits the polish you can see a little hint of blue sparkles, so unless you're actually paying attention you probably wouldn't really notice it. I almost missed it!

Stefani - Stefani is very similar to 2 other polishes I own, but this one is my favorite of the 3...the reason that is is because this color has gold flakes in it! You may kind of notice in the pictures if you look really closely. This polish was pretty opaque with 1 coat but I applied 2 just so I didn't miss any areas.

Carly - Carly is now one of my favorite polishes out of my entire collection! Although I'm not the biggest fan of glitter polish (because I hate taking it off lol) I could wear this color all the time! It is so eye catching! Despite the way the bottle looks, this color isn't actually opaque enough to wear without a base color under it, so for this picture I had a base color of Sinful Colors, Savage. Which matches perfectly!

Overall, I really like the Julep polishes so far, but I have to admit I don't love the brushes. Because of how long the stick is (idk the actual name of it, but the part that is connected to the brush and the lid :P) alot of polish runs down onto the brush while you're painting, so the brush is always full of polish...but once I figured that out it was a little bit easier to paint my nails without having so much polish on the brush. I guess it just takes some patience :) 

If you guys enjoyed this post and want to know more about becoming a Maven for yourself, here is the link: Enjoy!! :)

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