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Monday, June 17, 2013


Hey guys! I'm excited to share with you today's post because it's a first for me :) But before I tell you about it you'll have to forgive me...the past few months I have really slacked on updating my blog :( I sincerely apologize for you never saw this design (unless you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram). I'm shocked that I didn't ever put it up on the blog, but instead of kicking myself more than I need to I want to share the design and why I'm so excited about it!

Isn't it so fun!! This has been one of my absolute favorite designs!! I didn't take it off for about a week! :P I did this in between a few of the days of the March Nail Challenge. All I did was paint my nails with Sinful Colors, Snow Me White, and then used a tiny paint brush and my acrylic paint to paint all of the lines :) My left hand was pretty easy to do and it actually didn't take me very was doing my right hand that took alot of time! overall I think this took me 2-3 hours, but I had a nail appointment with someone at the same time, so I did have a break from my nails for a little bit...I think doing nails that entire night probably ended up being 5-6 hours :P But I love doing nails so much that sitting for that long, never feels that long to me.

I was inspired to do this design for a contest on Instagram, hosted by @thary_xoxo. The theme (if you can't guess lol) was Rainbows. She had a prize for Beginners and for Advanced nail artists :) I put my design into the beginner category because even though I'm not really a beginner, there were so many good designs in the advanced category, and I had put a few designs into advanced before and was never in the top finalists because there are so many amazing artists out there! to give myself a chance I submitted it into the beginner (I wish more contests had an Intermediate category).

So here is the picture of my of the rules of the contest is that you have to have a hand written note (in the same frame as your nails) of the contest your entering and your username.

I had completely forgotten all about this contest, because (as you can see in the pic below) the contest didn't end for 5 weeks after I had entered this design. So one day when I was on vacation, I was sitting with my fiance and his family watching a movie, and I had a notification from someone on Instagram. Someone had tagged me in a photo, so I pulled up Instagram and this was the picture I saw! I WON!! I have entered so many contests in the past and have never won anything so I was in shock!!! I was almost in tears I was so excited! (you're probably wondering why I would be that excited over winning nail polish huh!? :P) I immediately emailed her claiming my prize.

This is the prize I won :) It did take her quite awhile to send it to me, but she was in communication with me the entire time so I didn't mind. I was just too excited about winning to be upset about that. Plus, she threw in an extra polish for me having to wait a little bit longer.

My next post will have all of the swatches from this prize so check back later on today! And I just have to give a huge thanks to Thary (even if she doesn't ever see this) I am so grateful to her for sending me so many great polishes! And for hosting the contest in the first place!

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