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Sunday, June 16, 2013


Hello again! :P I just realized after my last post that I'm a little ahead of myself...I've been so scatter brained all week and I'm still trying to catch myself up, so I apologize for that.

This post has a similar theme to my sea critter nails because it's ocean nails :) I think they kind of look similar...but my ocean nails look a little bit more realistic compared to my fun, cartoon-ish sea critters :P

I started out with a base coat of Sinful Colors, Sugar Rush, then with blue acrylic paint I painted a line near the top of each nail, so it would look like waves against the sky. Then with Sinful Colors, Sweet Nothing I painted each nail below the line. Once that was dry I used Sinful Colors, Love Nails over the same part of the nail. The reason I wanted to use layers of different blues is because I wanted to create the look of the ocean getting darker the farther you go down. So the next color I used was China Glaze, Sky High-Top, which I sponged onto the tip of each nail, making each one different, and then I finished with China Glaze, Man Hunt

As you can probably tell, I really like China Glaze, Fairy Dust :P It is the most perfect glitter polish! And in my opinion it works perfect for any kind of water nail art. So before I painted the fish, I put one coat of Fairy Dust under the blue line on each nail, and then to kind of blend the line together so it wasn't so distinct, I sponged a little bit of white over the light blue and the line. Then using Man Hunt again, I hand painted all of the fish, and the reason I did them in dark blue instead of making them fun colors, is because I wanted them to seem more like outlines...almost as if the fish were far out in the distance instead of close up. If you've watched Finding Nemo, it's kind of like the part when Marlin and Dory see the whale out in the I hope that's how it looks.

Overall, I am so happy with how these nails turned out, but with one exception. The nail that I loved the most and thought the fish were so cute, I messed up :( and I messed it up right before I was going to put my top coat on. It's the pinky nail, which is why if you look closely at it, the bigger fish looks like a blob...I had redone the entire nail and then I messed it up again :( it was really frustrating.

But anywho! :P I hope you guys like this design!

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