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Saturday, June 8, 2013


Hello again :P I'm really excited to show you guys this design, because not only are these Flower nails, but also Birthday nails! I did this design really late on the 5th and my birthday was on the 6th :) So I incorporated the 2 together.

I really wanted to do 2 separate designs so that I could have fun birthday nails, but when I was watching some YouTube videos I came across this cute, playful design by Robin Moses and I knew that I had to do this design! And I couldn't be more happy with it!! The only sad part was that because I did the design so late I wasn't able to get good pictures before the tips of the nail started to wear off :(

Isn't this design so cute!!?? I absolutely love it!! :D The colors I used were Ulta, Celebutante (purple), O.P.I., Ya'll Come Back Ya Hear?, Pink Friday (orange and light pink), China Glaze, Def Defying, Sky High-Top (green and blue), Sinful Colors, Sugar N Spice (pink), and Julep, Bess (light blue). I also used some acrylic paint to paint some of the designs :)

So if you look at these 2 photos you can kind of see how the polish on the tips of my nails started to wear off :( I went to bed at 1 after painting these nails, hardly touched anything and when I woke up around 7:30 and the tips had already started to wear off...I must scratch myself when I sleep because I know I didn't do anything before I went to bed. 

This is one of my new favorite designs! I was really sad to take it off yesterday :( But I painted another fun design to replace check back to see that design!!

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  1. I absolutely love these! Seriously, beautiful and perfect for Spring!!

    I'm going to try it out today and I'll link back to your site if that's OK with you!