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Saturday, June 15, 2013


Ok guys! As promised here is my Sea Critter design :)

I was inspired to do a design like this a few months ago when I found some really cute sea critter stickers at Sally's, but unfortunately until now I never got around to doing them. So when I read the Nail Art Challenge for June and saw that one of the days was Sea Critters I got really excited because I finally had more of a reason to finally do it! :P

Even though I had wanted to do a design like this for awhile, when I actually sat down I had no idea where to start. So I just started pulling out some colors and then I remembered seeing a cute tutorial on Instagram (from @asinails) on how to paint bubbles on your nails with acrylic paint. I started painting my nails with a base color of Sinful Colors, Sweet Nothing and then put a coat of Love Nails over the top of it, because Love Nails is a beautiful, shimmery blue, but not very it was the perfect combo :) Once that dried I sponged Sinful Colors, Rise & Shine (which is the polish in the pic above) over each nail to give it more of that ocean color. After that was done drying I painting China Glaze, Fairy Dust over each nail to give it that ocean shimmer :P

Before I started painting any bubbles on my nails I practiced on a fake nail, and I will be honest, I am SOO glad I did lol! Had I not tried it a few times I would have been so frustrated and would have had to start over...But once I got the general idea of how to do it I attempted my first one on my actual nail and it turned out so good! (it's the big bubble under the jellyfish :P) ...although that one turned out really good, overall I don't think my bubbles are perfect and @asinails' tutorial made it look super easy, but I am still happy with how they turned out :)

Now to the fun part! :D Painting my little sea critters! I wasn't sure if I wanted to just wing it and paint directly on the nail or if I wanted to try drawing something first...but I remembered watching some YouTube videos on how some people have made their own stickers/decals by painting on a plastic bag (For those of you who haven't seen that method, click on the link for a tutorial ), and I knew I wanted to try it out! So here is the proof that these are my little homemade stickers :P All painted by hand with acrylic paint.

And I want to apologize now...because of how much I am in love with this design, I took multiple photos :P So you'll see this design from so many different angles hahaha. I love it so much I'm surprised I haven't named each of my little critters yet :P

And it just seemed fitting to take a few pics with a sea shell too :P

So there you have it! My fun sea critter design! :) I hope you guys like this design as much as I do...I know I'll be super sad to see these ones go, but I know more fun designs are coming :) If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave a comment down below. And also, you can find me on Facebook and Instagram! So if you guys want to leave feedback or if you have suggestions, please don't hesitate! I would love to hear from you guys!!

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